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``Shadows of Jim创

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The band less the pianist..fantastic, professional musicians. Backing singers; Netha Schrimpf & Mike Lusk Kevin Stocks being coached by Leo Jackson Leo Jackson and Kevin Stocks holding an original George Jones gold disc. Executive producer Mr. Jim Pierce taken against the wall of fame in the studio. Dick Mcvey and Kevin Stocks in the moonlight studio.

The Band

Jerry Kroon - drums,

Leo Jackson - guitar,

Scott Sanders - steel guitar,

Greg Galbreath - acoustic guitar

Mike Leach - bass,

  Gary Prim - keyboards,

Mike Lusk & Netha Schrimpf - Backing singers


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The photo's above from left to right are; The band, The backing singers, Leo Jackson coaching me Kevin Stocks in the studio, Leo and I holding an original George Jones gold record given to Dick Mcvey for publicity work, Jim Pierce... executive producer of the project in the studio wall of fame, Dick Mcvey and Kevin Stocks in the moonlight studio after the session was completed. 


        The songs on my tribute album are:

He'll have to go

Four Walls

Am I losing you 

Am I that easy to forget

Yonder comes a sucker


Little ole dime

Lonely music

I won't forget you

Danny Boy

There's a heartache following me 

Distant drums



Well, we attained sponsorship to travel to Nashville, Tennessee and record under the direction of producer Jim Pierce from RRR (Round Robin Records). I recorded with Mr. Leo Jackson in the Moonlight Studio along with five other fine musicians plus a great studio engineer and two very professional backing singers. Leo Jackson is the last surviving member of ``The Blue Boys创, Jim Reeves' original road band.

I was in the same studio as the man that gave Jim Reeves his guitar sound. Some people thought it was Chet Atkins that played on Jim Reeves' tracks but Chet Atkins produced not played for Jim Reeves. Leo Jackson was the guitar player on all of Jim Reeves' sessions and it was a privilege and honor to have him back me and attain the same resonance as the original Jim Reeves recordings of the golden era of the ``Nashville sound创 ?

 All the songs on the album were sang in the same key as Jim Reeves and that means Leo Jackson played exactly the same riffs and notes that he would have played for Jim Reeves on his recordings. Believe me, it was a weird feeling in the studio when he played the intro's to certain songs on the album. Leo Jackson also used the original ``Blue Boys创 guitar to play on which he had to borrow from the museum in down town Nashville!!

        ``I Won't Forget You创 and ``Four Walls创... now that sent chills down my spine...

I consider what we did in Nashville as a unique and fantastic tribute to one of the old time masters of the ``old school创 of music. Leo Jackson was gracious enough to co-produce the album too and was session master in the studio. It was a privilege to be coached by the man that was there in the same studio and that gave Jim Reeves his memorable guitar sound. I am a very, very lucky man indeed to have shared the same space and time as these great musicians.

The studio we used in Nashville, TN belongs to a very prestigious producer and publicist by the name of Dick Mcvey and he also engineered, mixed and mastered the session too. It was a great honour to witness the techniques of a master at work. The studio's name is ``Moonlight Studio创.

I have always been a big fan of Jim Reeves and the music that he sang because I was brought up on that kind of a musical diet. I was conditioned at a very early age to appreciate his tone and style. The smooth voice of a song master that was Jim Reeves born with a mastery of pronunciation and diction that would be the envy of any recital room. Jim Reeves brought even the weakest lyric to life and especially those lyrics that were basically narrative in nature. He had a roundness and firmness to his voice especially in the lower register that very few can copy. The quiet style also attracted me in my later years as a performer myself. The point today seems to be the louder it is played the better that it sounds. I think that in my opinion, shear volume in sound does not do justice to any lyric. I guess you could call me old fashioned and I will readily agree with you. I think also the popularity of Jim Reeves' music in the 60's & 70's can be accredited to the social climate of the day. It was an oasis of calm in the chaos of styles that pervaded then plus what was happening in the world as a whole. The basics in human nature apply to the music he sang; love, loss, joy, story telling...  the very epitome of his country roots.

 Although Jim Reeves became world renowned and famous to the degree of what we would now call  ``super stardom创 he never lost those country feelings and sentiments that one can discern in his music. He was a perfectionist in the studio too and that makes for a great result when one thinks of the musical direction of the man in the control room such as the late Chet Atkins. The material was chosen with meticulous care so as to blend with his firm but quiet and smooth style. In the year 1957 Jim Reeves left behind the sole country approach and melded together the ballad and the country style with the musical direction and the producing of Chet Atkins. The song ``Four Walls创 was to become a million seller and pave the way of change in Nashville that became ``The Nashville Sound创.

The reaction to such a turn around in Nashville at the time was like an earthquake. The critics tried to complain that he was selling out musically but Jim and his team of musical gurus politely pointed the way that ``country创 should go. The legacy is there for us all to appreciate and the jury of time is firm in its decision that he made the correct choice!! He was also a man that did not shirk the responsibility of his duty to the audience and his live shows were memorable. To this end we can be sure because we have pictographic evidence of the live performances that he gave.

In the end though he was only human and on returning from a business trip from Arkansas with his road manager and band member Dean Manuel on that fateful day; 31st. July 1964. Jim Reeves and Dean Manuel was on their final approach to Nashville's Berry field airport when at 5.00pm his private plane disappeared from the radar screen in a heavy thunder and rain storm over the Tennessee hills. The search for the wreckage and the bodies was undertaken by some of their closest associates, business and entertainment people alike. They were found on the 2nd of August and given a loyal tribute by the Nashville elite. Jim Reeves was taken to his home of Carthage, Texas for his final resting place where he grew up as a boy and traded a bushel of pears for a broken down guitar. The rest, we know about musically because he left us the legacy of his talent in albums filled with the magic that was...

``Gentleman Jim Reeves创

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