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Kingston upon Hull I Love You !

It is dedicated to all the deep sea fishermen of the world that never returned home...
The song is self penned and is all about The Triple Trawler Tragedy of 1968 which struck the fishing fraternity of Hessle Rd. in my home city of Hull, England.  58 good men were lost and only one man came back from the icy jaws of death to tell the tale. My Family were not untouched by the sorrow because we lost a cousin, Michael Barnes.   `` Mike´´ was only 15 years old when we lost him and on his maiden trip to the icy Icelandic waters of the North Atlantic. It was from his trawler ``The Ross Cleveland´´ that the sole survivor came home to tell the tale.
Kingston upon Hull (my city's official name), at that time in the mid sixties could boast to have the largest deep sea fishing fleet in the world and one of which I sing about with enormous pride. The song has been included in a video by my good friend Mr. Alec Gill. Alec who is an author and historian, specialises in the history of the Hull fishing industry from The Hessle Road standpoint. The video ``The Fishing Families Of Hull´´ which was produced in conjunction with Dovedale Studios based in the city, is a graphic account of the life, times, superstitions, games and general memories of Hull's great fishing years. To find out more about Alec Gill's work, publications and videos please click on his web address at the bottom of this page.


The CD and Video are available from The Information Centre in Hull and most record stores across The City. However, if you would like details of other releases by me. Please contact Kevin Stocks by clicking on the E-mail address below.

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