24 years dedication to Collies

"Overall impression of dignity, elegance and harmony of balance."

Kangasvuokon prefix was registrated on Finnish Kennel Club in 1988 by Helvi, as Manninen girls - Minna, Piia & Mirja – were 10-12 years old. Prefix can only be registrated to adult in Finland, maximum is 2 adults. Piia wanted a dog many years, and finaly we got the Collie, Rough in beginning of 1986. When Piia was 18 years old, the prefix tranferred to Helvi & Piia.

Our first litter was born 16.4.1988. Everything went like a dream. Swan Song´s Regina (a great grand daughter of AUST & GB CH Little Caesar at Corydon) made 7 big pups to young Corydon Be Brave. We were over the moon! We kept Kangasvuokon Charlotte, who was superb in breeding producing 5 champions to us. It was start of new ERA! The dogs are very important part of our life; this way of life has given us many dear longtime friends and possibilities to travel a lot.

Kangasvuokon is the only Collie prefix, which has been awarded the Finnish Kennel Club´s most distinguished mark of honour Vuolasvirta Plaque for both Roughs and Smooth of high quality breeding three times: 2001, 2005 and 2007.

Kangasvuokon is celebrating its 24. year in 2012.
We have bred or/and owned 21 International (C.I.B.) Champions and 40 National Champions, which have about 150 titles.

Mrs Piia Enlund (née Manninen) is FCI judge. She can judge at the national and international championship showlevel some breeds from group 1. Piia has judged breeds in several other countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Czech Republic.

Our aim is to breed carefully for overall healthy and long living Collies, which have open and friendly temperaments. Kangasvuokons can be seen at the shows and working: field trials, obedience and agility. One collie for all purposes!