Helsinki 14.6.2002.


Dearest Comrades,

Disagreements of the communist tactical target, from the developing of the common front against the monopolies led at beginning of the year 2002 in Finland on behalf on Communist Workers Party, CWP (For Peace and Socialism - Communist Workers Party) to the fragmentation. On March meeting the Central Committee of the CWP discharged Editor in Chief of Työkansan Sanomat Reijo Katajaranta and the General Secretary Heikki Männikkö from their tasks. Later the in May district organisation and two of the party cells at Helsinki was separated from the same reason from the party. This all led to the fact that the part of the most active party people was prevented to attend the party congress and besides defend in the convention their point of views of developing democratic common front against big capital. At same time this led to the fact that almost half from the earlier member of the Central Committee were forced to leave their places.

Comrades who have been now driven aside from the party work have had during 14 year of activity of the party, the decisive role developing the programmatic documents and policy of CWP. International communist movement knows and can check this policy from Internet pages of the CWP, to which party program of the CWP is delivered also in English.

Because comrades, who have been forced aside from the activity of CWP, have had decisive role in the developing of the party program and policy, want they also defend these targets. The assessment is made in the program of CWP, that despite from the temporary loss of the socialism, in the world we live still period of the moving from the capitalism to the socialism, but however so, that today working class will live again the phase of the reorganization. In the party program is presented, that in the current world, where imperialism and global capitalism creates a big threat to the working class all progressive forces of the world, international communist movement have to create for the working class a new common class-struggle tactics against capitalism. Still in the program is presented, that to us, Finnish communists, the developing of this class-struggle tactics at the national level means task to us, to organize of the extensive common front against supranational capital in our own country. During the 14.year of activity, CWP has in all basic documents emphasized importance of this kind of formation of common front against capital. We will see this also as the important part of developing the class-struggle tactics against international capitalism, because it forms in the current situation a key, which makes possible to bring down the new liberal policy capitalists' and change over to the policy towards socialism. With the same time it is bridge, of which we can lead larger multitudes to accept socialistic thought.

Gathering of the extensive common front against supranational capital is essential also therefore, that international situation of today is near of the imperialistic phase of capitalism, where big blocks of capitalists are divided the economical resources of the world. This is the primary reason to all wars in different parts of the world. Communists alone are not able to fence the arising imperialism but we need a common front of all forces, which are against imperialism. The building of common front requires that communists as a part of this front can keep their ideological and organisational independence but they are working with their allies for the common democratic aims agreed by the allies. The common front policy have to lead to the strengthening of the communists own policy therefore, that alliance based in equality with other forces against imperialism and big capital will cut down the pressure, which opportunistic and reformist groups addresses against the Marxist Leninist communists.

Disagreements in the CWP are also concerning now, how this kind of common front will be built. Majority of the Central Committee of the party looks at, that to the common front can belong only "leftists forces" ideologically near of communists. We see, that today in the majority of European capitalistic industrialized countries the roles of the traditional left and right have mixed. All power parties benefit monetarist new right-winger social policy and from the traditional "left parties", from the circle of the representative power parties, there is difficult to find allies, which are ready to build common front against big capital. On the other hand we are also of opinion, that the long term policy of the communists based to the Marxism Leninism will set to the starting point for the alliance, that allies building the democratic common front are opposing big capital, imperialism and racism and defending peoples matter and democratic rights against big capital.

Today in Finland has formed situation, where the opposing fight of EU has removed out groups of the national bourgeoisie, especially of the farmers groups, which are of these matters with us of same opinion. These kinds of groups can be found also from the circle of greens. With these we have had negotiations of the matters of ally politics already ample a year time. Quarrel in our party culminated that's why, that next year in our country we have parliamentary election. There was task to make decisions in the matter. Discussions with the EU-opposing organisations, from the developing of common front against monopolies started to lead to the results. We, who are discharged, looked at that refusal from the building of the monopoly front against monopoly capital now leads in the future to the situation, where the coming politics of the party is bound to the current decisions, and we have no more in the future possibilities build ally politics accordingly our program. We had no time to be lost.

We didn't give up from our viewpoint. Our viewpoint at the central committee stayed to the minority and we were discharged. We decided to defend in the practise the political line of our documents and despite of the separating we will continue the struggle against liberal social policy. We are sure that like this we can get a strong connection to the people and also the positions of communists will become stronger.

"Majority" of the Central Committee of the party proved in this decisive situation to be unable to take the initiative of building the democratic common front for their hands. Programmatic decisions of the party they had seen to be good as read only on the paper, but in practise they did not have suffice courage to go and put them into effect. They proved being in the decisive situation only leftists but don't Marxist Leninist.

From the activity and party work we are not intending to give up. We have taken to our hands an initiative to build to Finland the opposing popular front of the big capital, by which, also communists get wider connection to the groups. Immediately our discharge had taken place we organised a new newspaper, Kansan Ääni (Peoples voice), publication, which first number appeared on the May Day. From the publication of the newspaper Peoples voice are responsible at the moment together the popular front against EU (the citizens organisation of EU, where communists have actively function), the District organisation of the Communist Workers' Party of Helsinki (was separated from the CWP), and after second world war established peace organisation, The Work against the War and Fascism. This newspaper let people know of the work of building the opposing popular front against monopolies, assesses from Marxist Leninist starting-points civic questions and actions against war and fascism. .

At the moment negotiations of building a wider common front against big capital have led to the fact that in our country is established the cooperation organisation of the different citizens organisations. The peoples front against EU and the circle organisations of the communist labour party Helsinki are with in this developing popular front, which name is Change Powers Finland. Change Powers Finland are the union of the organisations, where is no person members. Private peoples function in this union takes place by his or her own member organisation. Change Powers Finland has clear democratic targets against the big capital. Each member organisation engages in to the leadership work of the Change Powers Finland equitably and as the policy is, that decisions will be unanimous. Change Powers Finland engages parliamentary elections on March 2003 and will be registered as a political party because of tactical reasons (according to Finland legislation, ordering to engage in election comes organisation register for the party and collect 5000 supporter cards necessary to this). The other member organisations of the Change Power Finland at the moments are Vaihtoehtoväki (green targets defending opposing small party), The Union of the free Finland; rural people, the small party, which had come loose from the Centre Party. Resist EU-membership) and Suomi: Ei EU - organisation, which defends the sovereignty of Finland. Another Communist Party of Finland, CPF, has not come to the activity of the Change Powers Finland.

Immediately in addition to these events, the Finnish Marxist Leninist communists have had to discuss what should be the and by what kind of organization, communists have now organized. We have held on this matter in Helsinki the concerning negotiation meeting 10.6.2002. According to meeting assessment, a new party we don't intend to the Finland on this stage to establish. The association is established for the organization of the communist activity, to which was given for the job name "communists". To this communist organization can be included independent communist sections and private members. This organisation will come to be working class representative Marxist Leninist organisation. It continues the developing of the communist documents and activity tactics from the same starting-point as CWP has in its' documents. Especially in the beginning the documents of the organisation don't come to the deviation much from the valid documents of the CWP, which after update, can be accepted for the documents of the organization "communists". Also from many historical reasons, both in the district of CWP and CPF there are many Marxist Leninist communists. "Kommunistit"- organization will undertake to develop mutual cooperation with these communists. Even although we in this stage don't establish a new party, "communists" takes care these concerned tasks, which belongs to the party organization. Development of the coming years will show, whether we have to register our organization also officially as a communist party. To take care of establishing tasks of the new organisation was selected a committee. Elementary meeting of the new communist organisation we will come the to keep in seminar of newspaper Peoples voice in the autumn middle of September. Then will be finally decided from the name, rules and program of the organisation.

This statement we have translated to the several different languages. In the autumn we will establish immediately our Internet sites. If party comrades and brother parties in different parts of the world want information about our activity and about our targets, to us can send post to the address:

P.O. Box 780.
FIN-00101 Helsinki.

E-mail to us can send to E-mail indications of these letter signers.
"Kommunistit"- organisation negotiation meeting authorized by:

Heikki Männikkö Reijo Katajaranta.


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