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June 22, 2005



..muuttaa tämän blogin ihan kokonaan suomenkieliseksi. Saan tekstiä nimittäin paljon paremmin aikaan omalla äidinkielelläni kuin englanniksi, sillä joudun aina miettimään englanniksi kirjoittaessani että miten saan tietyt asiat sanottua niin, että kaikki sen ymmärtävät.. >___< Tässä samalla sitten taidan noi miun enkunkieliset postaukset poistaa.. Että ei kuitenkaan ihan sekokielinen tästä blogista tule.

On kulunut jo melkein 3 viikkoa siitä kun valmistuin ja olen ollut työkkärissa työttömänä työnhakijana. Esittivät kyl aika typerän kysymyksen kun menin ilmottautumaan työkkäriin "Onko sinulla tällä hetkellä työpaikkaa?". Mitä ihmettä mie työkkärissä tekisin jos olisi jo työpaikka..? Töitä edelleenkin siis metsästän ja aika huonolla menestyksellä, kun ei täält suunnasta oikein töitä löydy. Mut en kyllä täältä seudulta minneen lähde. Kaakkois-Suomi on hyvä paikka asua ^___^


June 4, 2005


Now it's over..

..and I'm free from vocational school. I graduated with 3,15 average grade, so I'm pretty happy. It could have been worse.

Yesterday I bought this new computer and I also bought Sentenced's Funeral Album. I've been listening it almost all the time since boughting it. It is just so damn good! Of course I'm feeling pretty sad because I know that it's the final album from Sentenced ever.. But life goes on!


June 2, 2005



Tomorrow it happens, I'll graduate from vocational school/college, whatever you want to call it ^___^ And tomorrow I'm gonna get also a new computer which is much better than this rented computer.. It has much bigger hard disk, much more RAM and all that kind of stuff.. I sure love my parents and my granny ^___^

But now gotta go to plan what I'm gonna wear tomorrow and how to put my hair so it's not front of my eyes all the time.. >___<


May 31, 2005


New layout

Just got this new layout published. It's pretty if I say. And my darling likes it too ^___^

Only two school days and graduation day and then I'm free from school and ready to start working.. If only I had place where to work >___<

But now I'm gonna spend time with my honey, so.. laterz!


May 25, 2005


Summer is here ^___^

Now I can say finally that summer has come ^__^ No more snow before next winter, bees and wasps and butterflys are all woke up.. And this morning while I was going to school I saw a dragonfly. Those are so beautiful creatures.

I've been thinking about making new layout for my site/blog and I know picture for the new layout but I don't know that should I make it with Div-layers or table and what stuff to put in it.. well, this blog for sure and links but how much information about me and that kind of stuff.. This is the pic.

Yeah, but gotta keep studying WAP-things.. Laterz!


May 10, 2005


Summer holiday and finishing school is near..

It's been a while since last time I posted. Well, I've been kinda busy with school. I have had so many things to do for school, like for example final studies about ergonomics. And then all those exams.. Well, only two more exams left and 3½ weeks to go and then I can proudly say that I have finished one school with not-so-good grades.. >__< Well, if all goes well, my average grade will be 3 and if scale is from 1 to 5, then I'm average student.

Don't know yet what to do when summer comes. I'll be home for sure, but I'd like to go to cruise.. I love cruises, especially Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki with Viking Line's boat. Silja Line is for rich people, Viking Line is for me >___< Well, maybe I just live one day at time and not plan things for longer time..

This is all what I wanted to say now.. More coming later!


April 1, 2005


April fools day

I hate this day! This day should be denied in law.. I don't believe anything what peoples says to me today..


March 24, 2005


Spring is finally coming..

Yeah, spring is coming ^__^ This winter has been so long, so it's time for joy ^__^ Snow is melting away, sun is shining brigthly, birds are singing, etc. Only problem is that some of the roads are muddy and some are icy, but rest is fine ^__^ Nice way to start easter weekend.

I have planned that if tomorrow is beautiful day, I'm gonna go out and maybe make somekind of trip, either by bike or by walking. But let's see if that's gonna happen after all >__<

Next week I change working place again, like I did few weeks ago. This time I go to work there where I started this practical training season. Next two weeks I'll be there. After that starts final 8 weeks in this school and then I'm free from this school >__<


March 21, 2005


Easter is coming..

..and so is boring tv-programs. Why tv-channels need to show boring religion movies and programs every easter and nothing else..? I have seen all those movies/programs what they are gonna show, and I almost died because those were so deadly boring. Well, lucky I have so much better movies to watch and maybe I make my final study for school if nothing better to do..


March 8, 2005


My strange dream..

Who remembers the band called New Kids On The Block known also as N.K.O.T.B? Well, I remember and so my dreams remember too. Last night I saw a dream that NKOTB is back, but Jon wasn't. Instead of Jon, they got Mark Wahlberg. Well, they came to Finland and me and my hon were the only ones who went to the concert, so boys let us join with them in backstage. Scary dream, or what..?

By the way, it wasn't first time I saw that dream.. O.O


March 4, 2005


Answer to life, universe and everything is 42

And that fact is from great book called Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams. And now that great book is made to movie and I can't wait to see it. Marvin the Paranoid android is so cute. When I first time saw pic of him/it, I said : awww... so cute!

Here's a pic of it:

If some toy company makes Marvin-toys, I'd sure like to have one!


March 2, 2005


Alcohol tax rate

Year ago alcohol tax rate fell few percent and of course peoples started to buy more alcohol from stores instead of going to buy tax free alcohol from cruises or Russia. Well, now some think that alcohol tax rate should be raise back to where it was because they think that nowadays we drink more alcohol than before changing tax rate. Don't they understand that when that tax rate was higher, most of us buyed alcohol from cruises or somewhere else and now when the tax rate is smaller, instead of going to cruises we buy alcohol from stores.

Well, if they raise the tax rate then we go again to cruises and buy tax free alcohol from there. Is that better?


February 24, 2005


Too much SSX 3?

Me and my hon have been played SSX 3 now about two weeks and now I'm dreaming of that game some how in my dreams >.< Either I play it or someone else plays it or I'm one of the characters from that game and someone is controlling me o.O am I going crazy..?

I'm having winter holiday from school/work and it ends this sunday and then next holiday, well 2 days, is when easter comes. Dunno when it is..? And after that I have 2 more months to go and then I say byebye to school ^.^

Yeah, but I think I'll start to build my site so I can publish it someday and so this blog moves there too.. ^.^



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