Me, myself and I

04 maaliskuu 2005

Answer to life, universe and everything is 42

And that fact is from great book called Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams. And now that great book is made to movie and I can't wait to see it. Marvin the Paranoid android is so cute. When I first time saw pic of him/it, I said : awww... so cute!

Here's a pic of it:

If some toy company makes Marvin-toys, I'd sure like to have one!

02 maaliskuu 2005

Alcohol tax rate

Year ago alcohol tax rate fell few percent and of course peoples started to buy more alcohol from stores instead of going to buy tax free alcohol from cruises or Russia. Well, now some think that alcohol tax rate should be raise back to where it was because they think that nowadays we drink more alcohol than before changing tax rate. Don't they understand that when that tax rate was higher, most of us buyed alcohol from cruises or somewhere else and now when the tax rate is smaller, instead of going to cruises we buy alcohol from stores.

Well, if they raise the tax rate then we go again to cruises and buy tax free alcohol from there. Is that better?