Welcome to my homepage. Here you'll find a well documented attempt to silence a computer with ultimate means; building a complete, air conditioned, wooden case around a computer. I did the project in years 2002-2003.

What is worth doing, is worth overdoing - especially in an engineer's point of view. The design of the insulation case is based on acoustics and soundproofig studies, as well as lots of opinions of different people on various forums and web pages. The target is no less than a "perfect" noise insulation case design. Also, the amount of work and dedication put on this project is exhausting. Over 100 pictures taken on different phases on the project proves the amount of commitment. Obviously, I was bitten by a serious soundproofing-bug during that time.

Partly this site is a response to the fact that there isn't much web pages of complete noise insulation cases built around a computer. At least I didn't see any good sites, and I surfed a lot on the web searching information on soundproofing cases while I was planning this project. I hope this my version of a noise insulation case offers you new insights and information on this hard and misunderstood art of soundproofing and acoustics.

-Juha, 2010-12-10

Noise related funny picture