just a quick update: we have had a new rehearsing place for some time now. it's a great one.

a new year and some new tricks. first of all, jadecroon lost their rehearsing place and is in a desperate need of a new one. if there's someone who knows a place available, please let us know.

couple of gigs ahead. after the sunny and lazy days of the summer we are glad to announce couple of gigs. these will take place during the early autumn and there will be more shows later. dates for the gigs:
fri 08/09 helsinki,turkoosi
thu 28/09 tampere,yo-talo

visuals-section finally managed to get some photos. there are couple of live images available and there will be more snapshots later.

jadecroon has put some new songs together and we are going to record them as soon as possible. more about that later.

new bass player introduced. our former bass player, wisa, decided to leave the band after the summer. nothing tragic or dramatic was involved, unfortunately it was just a situation where the two way operating wasn't great enough. a massive thank you to wisa for the times in jadecroon.

the new buddy in the band is jari "kuusisto" kuusisto, also known as a singer and guitar player in "guava" - from the eagle. man was welcomed to the band in last november and, from then on, jadecroon has been putting a new and the old material together.

today is also a very practical date to introduce the new guy to the audience. we are having the first gig of renovated jadecroon at vastavirta,tampere. it's merely (hopefully not) a test and a rehearsal to get back to gigging with a new member. so don't expect us to drop our pants or doing somersaults instead of playing rock. it will be enjoyable whatsoever, you can bet on that.
jadecroon is doing couple of other gigs in the short future. dates to catch us:
sat 25/02 2006 helsinki,factory
wed 01/03 2006 tampere,klubi

summer time. it's time for holidays. jadercroon is having a short break too and concentrating on making new songs. autumn is the time to make a move again and we are planning to record a bunch of songs for the next release. when is that? no-one has the catch-all answer for that question but it will definitely happen. enjoy the summer.

NOTE!!! we recently found out that the orders from the shop section havent been receiving us! if you have placed your order after the 1st of march and we haven't contacted you, you should place your order again. this misfortune wasn't our fault and we are lucky to find out it in the first place. sorry for this inconvenience. everything is working now.

HUOM!!! meille juuri selvisi että tilaukset shop-osion kautta eivät viime aikoina ole saapuneet perille! jos olet tilannut tavaraa 1.maaliskuuta jälkeen emmekä me ole ottaneet sinuun yhteyttä niin sinun täytyy tehdä tilaus uudelleen. häikkä ei ole ollut meistä riippuvainen ja saammekin olla onnellisia että asia yleensäkään tuli huomatuksi. pahoitelumme tapahtunutta. kaikki toimii jälleen

gigs updated. helsinki, factory, friday 01/04 will be a next date for a Jadecroon gig. this came quite late so you have to spread the word.

interviewed again. finnish webzine desibeli.net has a tad humorous interview of Lale and Kanttu. weird stories about the past. and the future.

printed words. soundi musicmagazine released a Jadecroon interview and Silence Manitou review on their newest (22/03/2005) issue!

On the air. finnish national radiostation YleX has started to play Jadecroon. at least Veli Kauppinen did so and hopfully every other host will do the same. listen at least to 'ryhmä X' or 'kitarama' to catch the waves.

releasing of the ep went extremely well. a thank you to the people who came to see us live and spent their money.
one pretty surprising gig is ahead. friday 18/02 kipsari, helsinki. that's only week and a half ahead and the word has to be spread. go and tell your friends, write an article to local newspaper or, most importantly, be cool and show up there and bring your friends along.

two-thousand-and-five. a brand new year and brand new tricks. a brand new website for example. there's a lot of stuff here and more is to come. i recommend you to check the extra fun -section frequently. there will be a lot of weird and entertaining stuff (our music isn't enough of entertainment, you see) which will be updated quite often.
oh, there is a new ep too! four catchy jadecroon songs are waiting for potentional fans and buyers. check the shop section for info how to get the ep. and listen the samples in the music section. recording of the ep was a bit long process. we are sorry for the fact that you had to be without us for a while, it was too hectic in the "normal" life area and we decided to keep the pace down and do the ep without any extra hassle. so, now the silence has ended and it's time to do some rock again. you are kindly welcomed and hopefully you do enjoy.