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lokarock @ akne, valkeakoski
w/the Odorants, aine, secand

not even a half full youth centre in a small town..setting of this evening didn't seem extremely superb, but it was a good checkpoint after a four month absence from stages. Evening was just a tad too peacefull in every way. Flat tire was a hightlight of our arrival but luckily there wasn't any problems. The highlight of the gig was our marketing speeches to get the audience to buy our cd-r. "a song per euro..and even an euro per song!" yeah! it was a success and all the six cd-r's we brought with us were practicly pulled out from our hands. the masters of marketing indeed. we played not so well but well enough to get praices from the audience claiming to be the best band in Finland. fair enough. after all we rapidly packed our car to get away from there. that's all. good in some ways, but didn't feel a thing.

01.more than
02.orange minute maid
04.i don't dance
05.freq mod
06.the way they do
07.off the beaten track
09.you run out of me