Take the best of melodies and combine them with these four fellas, let them play strong enough and the music tells the rest.
Jadecroon sound is perfectly based on simple and beautiful melodies combined with traditional rock line-up and powerful and lilting playing. Long musical history behind every member of Jadecroon has made it honest, straightforward and strong band influenced by every style of pop music from the traditions till the newest rock music trends

Jadecroon was formed in Tampere, Finland. The first rehearsals took place in a basement of an art school with a group of close friends in december of 2000. From then on, the band has been elaborating it’s musical form in peace, without any extra pressure or dragooning.

In january 2005 jadecroon broke the silence. The aptly named ’Silence Manitou’ EP (BRRL-018) was Jadecroon’s first official release, featuring four straightforward and powerful pop songs, full of the tastiest melodies around. EP was a co-production of two Finnish independent record labels: Rhythm Barrel Records and Silencio Records. Record collected praises in media reviews and rode with the radiowaves.

Today, jadecroon is constantly writing new stuff and exploring the finest ways to implement the band's natural delivery. Road is up, don't miss the ride.

jadecroon is:
kanttu guitar, bg vocals
kuusisto bass, bg vocals
lale guitar, vocals
matte drums

e-mail: jadecroon@popstar.com
gigs: +358 50 3811 303