Ch Mods for Deluxe Electric Mistress
I really dont know why people are slanting down the sound of the deluxe version of mistress, I like it a lot. Specially after these little mods!! The polarity switch makes it sounda kinda phaser-like. Then I took out the delay-time trimpot and moved it to the front as a pot.

Ch Octave Divider
This is little something I built few years back. Schematic isn't exactly the one I made, but this should work.
Theory here is that you send the signal to a quantizing circuitry made out of parallel comparators and each output from these is sent to D-flipflop as in normal octave-down fuzzboxes, and then you just mix the channels together. You can build as many stages you want, I was a sissy and built just 4 as the schematic shows. Results just get better with more stages.

Aphex Aural Exciter

Had to redraw the schematic cause I lost the original ones, that Stephen Giles sent to me.

This isn't all complete. One resistor value is missing(?) and the part that displays the signal-amplitude is also missing..
As for what it does, this was used to process speech on radio broadcasts.

BazzFuss and Buzzbox

Note that the Buzzbox uses schkottky diode in the first stage, which gives it its unique octave-up fuzz-sound. I like.


Something like a ring modulator, but not really. 567 chip itself is just an AM-chip that has internal square-wave oscillator, and I decided to stick a LDR there and voila!

CMOS Envelope Follower

I dont know if this even works.. It does light up the LED correctly, but I'm not too sure about that voltage output.

Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress 18 Volt, 9 Volt versions

TC Electronics Chorus Part A, Part B

Thanks to Stephen Giles of both of these

Boss HyperFuzz

SuperFuzz on steroids!!

Heres two sketches I made up long time ago..



I got some old schematics back, here they are

A very simple dual oscillator noise-thang. Theres no values on the parts, but the transistors are 2n2222 (nothing else will work!!), capacitors c1 and c2 are on 1nf - 1uf range (audio range), pots are 22k and resistor in series with pot is 100ohms.

For reference, heres original version with one oscillator
Simple Oscillator

FM Oscillator
Another noise-thang, using 555 timer as frequency-modulated oscillator. Plug your geetar on the inputs and whambam!

Very bad Fuzzbox. I had trillions of different fuzzboxes designed, I even have some prototypes left that I've tried to backtrace, but they aren't really worth the trouble.

Nebula Oscillator
Heres a light-controlled oscillator. Name implies that i probably made this for a box that Tom Pollock made for me. Anyway, plain-vanilla oscillator

More noise. Another simple oscillator, a UJT (uni-junction transistor) made out of NPN- and PNP-transistors. And again, audio input provided to freak this out with your geetar and LDR to control this with your foot. I like this.

555 Oscillator
Ok, the Fm Oscillator without fm. Standard textbook stuff.

Another Octave-Up
Ok, heres an interesting one. I'm not even sure if this works, or how it works, cause I really cant remember this circuit, but it probably does work, cause I even bothered to draw a schematic out of it.. Strange. Also check the noise567 above!

"21st Century Green Ringer"
Or something. A modded Green Ringer, has a fuzzbox switch and octave-mode switch. Nice.

Another fuzzbox.

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