HK SM2-00, HK SM3-01, HK M-02, EK M-03, OB MM4-02



Photo: Sari Kärnä

Owner: Miss Sari Kärnä, Tampere, Finland

Well his name tells it all, as you can see... I Did It My Way means that this dog is competing in the Finnish top in five different hobbies: Agility, Obedience, Searching Trial, General Working Trial and Skiing. Besides all that he is beautiful, so who has said that the brains and beauty can't be in a same body?

This male has A hips (excellent), clear eyes (also as an adult) and 0-0 elbows (the best possible). Zorro is 53 cm and his weight is 20 kg. He loves sticks and fetching. He is very nice, social, energetic, intelligent and an easy dog. He always has motivation for work. Zorro is the only male border collie in Finland, who has four different champion titles! He is also the first double Working Trial Champion bordercollie in Finland (searching trial and general working trial)! He is a real heartbreaker, where ever he goes...

From character test Zorro got 211 points, secure to shots. Zorro has also passed BH test, the behaviour test.

Sari's and Zorro's favorite hobby have been Searching Trial. Zorro won their first competition in beginners class with 290 points out of 300 (searching people 167/170, searching objects 30/30 and obedience 93/100)! From their second competition in open class they got 285 points out of 300: searching people 163/170, searching objects 22/30 and OBEDIENCE 100/100! On August 1999 Zorro was in a Finnish Championships in Searching Trial. He was the eighth from over 50 dogs. Zorro was the youngest one in that competition, only 1-year old.

In 2000 Zorro won the year's first competition with 290 points out of 300 and he came a Finnish Working Trial Champion, FIN KVA (HK3). On autumn 2000 Zorro came second in Searching Trial Finnish Championships (HK SM2-00), he got 99/100 from obedience, 168/170 from searching people and 12/30 from searching objects! He was only two years old and I can't tell how pride I was from that placement in such a big competition! Zorro was also the best Working Trial Border Collie in Finland in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and the best Working Trial dog in their district in 2000 and 2001!

In 2001 Zorro came third in Finnish Championships in Searching Trial (HK SM3-01)

In 2002 Zorro won the Finnish Championships in Searching Trial (HK M-02)!

Zorro enjoys doing obedience very much. Sari didn't think to do obedience at first, but with a little pressure, she said: "ok, as a winter hobby, but nothing more". From their first obedience competition Zorro got 199 points out of 200! From their second obedience competition they got 198 points out of 200... Super! Zorro won his first competition in class 2 with 196 points out of 200 and his second competition in that class with 198 points out of 200! Zorro has also three first prizes in class 3 with 307, 264,5 and 305 points out of 320. From the highest class Zorro got 287, 314 and 305,5 points out of 320. Nowadays Zorro is a Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Obedience Champion (FIN, S & N TVA). They were representing Finland in Nordic Championships in 2001. They came to the place 6th with 288 points. Finnish team was second. In 2002 Zorro was in a Finnish team in the World Championships of Obedience in Holland. They came to the 4th place! Yes, you remember it right, this was only their winter hobby :)

When Sari came to pick up Zorro, she said: "I can do anything else with this dog, but not agility, that's a waste of time and I don't like it". Well, the mind can change as you see, nowadays Zorro is a Finnish Agility Champion (FIN AVA). They have plenty of winnings in the highest class and Zorro had enough results to be allowed to compete in Finnish Championships in agility 2002 and 2003.

Photo: Sirpa Saari

In 2003 Sari wanted some new challenge and they started to train General Working Trials. Only three months after their first competition, they won a Finnish Championships (EK M-03)!

Zorro is a Show Champion (FIN MVA). All three times he got certificate, he was also the Best Of Males and once the Best Of Breed.

In 2002 Zorro and Sari were taking part to the Finnish Championships in Skiing. There is a 10 meters long rope between Sari and Zorro and Zorro is "pulling" Sari, who is with skies. They had to go 5 km and their time was 17 minutes and 16 seconds in the first time, and the route was full of hills. They came to the fifth place, which is excellent for such a small dog.

Zorro and Sari have done some water rescue training and Zorro loves to do it!

Zorro likes also flyball a lot.

Zorro has got two litters.

Sari and Zorro were trekking on fells in August 2004

There were of course reindeers on the way...

...and every dog has to try swimming amid of pretty water-lilys.