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Puppies born in June 2007 already have their own homes!

Puppies planned in 2008

Reservations and inqueries:
tel. +358 50 375 1793 / Majka

Mother to the litter will be:
Fin Ch Ambergini's Lady Starlight "Lili"
- free from hip and elbow dysplasia (HD A, elbows
- free from patella luxation (
knees 0)
- eyes healthy
- no signs of hypothyroidism (TgAa-negative, T4/TSH healthy)
- Lili has a nice, open and friendly temperament
- Lili has trained area search and rubble search and proven to be very talented
- Lili has been shown only a few of times and has obtained the title Finnish Champion (BOB, BOO, 2nd best bitch)


Int & Fin & Rus & S Ch Marquee Jigalorum "Roope", young and handsome male.

The Finnish PON Club has set some health examination recommendations for all PONs.

1. HD (hip dysplasia). Results A-C are accepted in breeding.

2. Eyes. Dogs who show no symptoms of hereditary illnesses are accepted in breeding. All dogs are recommended to be re-examined after the age of 6 years.

3. Thyroid gland examinations (for hypothyroidism), blood test.
T4/TSH examination: This test gives information about the thyroid function at the moment the test is done. It is recommended to examine all dogs in the age of 2 years and 5-6 years.
TgAa examination: This test detects Thyreoglobulin auto-antibodies, and it is recommended to be done in the age of about 2 years. The results can be as follows:
- Negative (no antibodies detected),
- Grey zone a.k.a. Borderline (re-examination in 6 months), or
- Positive (antibodies detected).
The Positive results usually indicates the onset of hypothyroidism in the future. However there can be exceptions. A TgAa Positive dog is recommended to be tested for T4/TSH values every 12-18 months to detect the possible onset of hypothyroidism.

A dog who is T4/TSH healthy and TgAa Negative is accepted to breeding. A dog who is TgAa Positive but repeatedly T4/TSH healthy can be used in breeding as long as the partner is T4/TSH healthy and TgAa Negtive.

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