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OKTET ze Spiewogry,

pictures of dogs in pedigree
male born 2002-06-07
sire Pl Ch Dragon z Gangu Dlugich
dam Pl Ch Harfa ze Spiewogry
breeder Anna Grabska, Puola
ow. Majka Borgström

Genious Dog

Miklos joined us in August 2002. He travelled with style: by airplane, by bus, and by ferry from Poland to Finland, across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And he was okay with it all.

Right away when he arrived home with us, it was clear he had only one testicle. I was adviced to sell him to a pet home. But I had never met a PON with such a confident and complitely friendly character towards ALL people; so I decided he is a too rare thing to be given away. Together with Miklos we have trained agility, obedience, and rescue search at rubble and area search in forests. We have passed SAR (search and rescue) dog trials in rubble and area search and we are part of the emergency SAR dog group of Helsinki.

HD A, Elbows 0, Knees 0,
Eyes: no signs of HC, PRA, CPRA, CL
Thyroid examinations:
TgAa-negative (2003)
T4/TSH healthy (2005, 2007)

Tests & Trials

  • National Rubble test for SAR Dogs:
    levels A (2005) & B (2005 & 2006) qualified
  • National Area Search test for SAR Dogs: qualified twice (2005, 2007)
  • IPOR Area Search A-Trial: qualified II-prize
  • IPOR Rubble A-Trial: qualified I-prize
  • IPOR Rubble B-Trial: qualified
  • BH qualified, non-sensitive to gunshots
  • Mental test 112pts qualified,
    non-sensitive to gunshots
  • Obedience trials 2 x 2nd price in Novice,
    2 x 3rd prize in Novice
  • PON-Obedience Championships 2004:
    2nd place, Best Co-Operation
  • Finnish Championships for SAR dog teams 2007: Silver medal

Miklos goes to sauna

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