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bitch born 2006-02-17
sire S & N Ch Storälvens Callisto
dam Int & Fin & Est Ch Heidelind's Truth Is Out There
breeder Marika Toivonen
owner Majka Borgström

Little Moppi's first important task was to be companion to depressed Miklos, after we lost our old bitch B.Lady Legenda. It took 6 weeks before Miklos accepted Moppi as his new friend, and now they are unseparable! Moppi is a very lively and vivid girl with a friendly character. She is really quick both in her moves and in her reactions.

Moppi has been training the basic skills in obedience, agility, tracking, and rubble and area search - maybe we will find her own specialty among these sports, unless Moppi decides to become a full-time lapdog. Moppi has been shown a little, too, and she wan many trophies in puppy classes. For the adult classes she might be a little bit too small in size (but her ego is very very big).
Moppi is a little princess. She doesn't want to out in the morning if it is wet ouside. She likes to be on your lap, or to be carried around in your arms. So it is in fact quite handy that she is so small, so you don't get tired when carrying her around. If you think it sounds like she is spoiled, you are right! There is something about Moppi that makes everybody start baby-talk and pamper her.

Healthy examinations:
Eyes: healthy (as puppy and Oct'07)
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: healthy 0/0

Shows, tests & trials:

3 x BOB Puppy, 2 x BOO Puppy
ClubShow06: BIS3 Puppy
Breed Specialty'06: BOB Puppy
Breed Specialty 2007: Exc1

We found this Princess Bed for Moppi in Poznan World Show.

Dirty Mop

Clean and sweet little Mop photographed in the World Show 2007 in Poland.

Moppi 7 weeks old.

In spring 2006 little Moppi performed in a SAR dog show. In the same event she also met a cow who tried to lick her.

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