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PON a.k.a Polski Owczarek Nizinny a.k.a. Polish Lowland Sheepdog, is a dog suitable for many sports; he is a showy showdog, an agile agilitydog, the most stubborn creature on earth to do obedience with.
A dog who smiles and makes You smile!

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I breed Polski Owczarek Nizinny, aka PON, in a small scale in Finland in Helsinki region. I have been into this breed since the beginning of its story in my country - 1989.
I have litters very seldom as I do not have many dogs - and my dogs are mainly family members and friends to do sports with. I train obedience and agility, and  search & rescue sports (area and rubble search and tracking) with my PONs, and one of them is a HugDog. We go to dog shows occasionally.
To me, the most important thing in PON is  temperament and health. My goal is to breed dogs with stable, open and friendly temperament, dogs who are sound and harmonious in built - in other words dogs who are still capable to function as working dogs.
During past years I have worked towards my goal e.g. by importing PONs from abroad, from lines new to Finland.

If You are interested in my dogs, don't hesitate to contact me!

Majka Borgström
tel. +358 50 375 1793

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