INT, NORD, FIN, EST, DK, S, RUS & N CH, BaltW-03 Bawabu Runinura Rafiki, "Jumbe"

Hips: B/A Elbows: 0/0 Weight: 44 kg Height: 68 cm PEDIGREE
Swedish Mentality Test (MT) approved (134+ p), gunshot proof d.o.b. 6.4.2002
Owner: Jaana-Kaisa Kekki, Kodisjoki

Jumbe lives with Jaana-Kaisa Kekki and herr two boys - Joona & Juuso - in Kodisjoki. Jumbe also has a little ridgie "sister" Jawa (FIN CH Bawabu Usaama Urafiki) to boss about.

Jumbe´s official name is Swahili and means "victorious friend". His call name Jumbe then again means "chief". Jumbe is brown nosed of golden red wheaten colour and dark amber eye. He has full scissor bite. In temperament he is a very easy going happy chap whom loves to cuddle. True sweetie! Jumbe has been a very healthy dog through out his life. He has passed the Finnish Ridgeback Club´s breeding examination in 2006 with excellent remarks, examiner was breed specialist Mrs. Leni Nousiainen (FIN). Jumbe has also been Mentality Tested (Swedish MT) with approved result and he is gunshot proof. Test was conducted on 9th of September, 2005 by Mrs. Barbro Börjesson (S).

Jumbe has done very well at shows and he easily gainned the needed results for becoming Finnish conformation champion. His CC count stopped at 12 Finnish CCs before he turned two years of age and was able to accept the decisive CC. He has several BOB & BIG wins to his honour. I guess it is safe to say that to the date he is the most successful brown nosed RR in Finland. Jumbe is also Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Nordic, Russian & Estonian Champion and the first brown nosed rhodesian ridgeback in Finland to achieve the required results for becoming International Champion & Nordic Champion. He also placed wonderfully as the Best Brownosed Dog in the Swedish Specialty 2004, Best Brownnose in Finnish Specialties 2006 & 2007 and was res-BISS at 2006 SRRS Stockholm Specialty. More on Jumbe´s Show Results 2003-2004, 2005 & 2006.

Jumbe is not only a successful show dog, he is also a keen blood tracker. Jumbe easily gainned the needed 1st prizes from Open Class and upgraded to nosework at Blood Tracking Winners Class.

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