C.I.B., FI CH, SE CH, EE CH, EE JCH Bawabu Changuliwa Chaga, "Chanda"

Breeder / Owner:Satu Laakso, Pori
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: Normal (inoffical)
Weight: 38 kg
Height: 65.5 cm
DM: N/N (normal)    
Hemphelia B (factor IX): N/N (normal)
EOAD: High confidence clear
Genetically profiled ISAG:

Mentality test approved
Breeding Examination TBA



It was clear very early on that it is Chanda who is the chosen addition for our back, her personality and looks fitted what I was looking for like a glove. Her official name is Swahili and means "chosen to victory".

Chanda is red wheaten with black nose & black mask and with brown eyes. She has tiny white chest mark white. Chanda is a energetic and a happy bitch whom wants to take part in everything. She is very social, curious and social ...so, quite an adventurer with a huge heart for life! She loves to cuddle - just like her dam Toya and grand-dam Meru. Chanda has a very balanced and healthy conformation and she moves like a dream with a long streight forward balanced stride. She is mentality tested (MH). Through out her life she has been a very healthy dog. She has been DNA profiled by Genescope and seperate DNA tests by Laboklin and ProjectDogDNA. She is clear on DM, Hemophelia B (factor IX) and EOAD genes, meaning she only pass a normal gene to her offsprings.

Chanda has proven to be a very successful show dog and also utility dog. She easily gainned her champion titles and like her dam gainned easily CACIBs to make her an International Conformation Champion (C.I.B.) She also holds two Lure Coursing CC which she gainned autumn 2012, the first she got from her first evern Lure Coursing trial (the Finnish Rhodesian Ridgeback Lure Coursing Championships). Just for fun we have also done some agility, which she LOVES, and Blood Tracking. Hopefully within 2016 we have time to attend some trials also. Unfortunately there is not always time for everything...

Chanda´s first litter was born mid December 2012 (Bawabu D-litter), her offsprings have excelled in the show rings, lure coursing, rally obedience and blood tracking! Chanda had her second litter in Ocotber 2015 (Bawabu F-litter)! She has been an excellent brood bitch and therefore will be mated for the third and final time in late 2016 or early 2017! More on the upcoming mating, please see our Blog!

© Satu Laakso (2016)