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061010 AB
ArthemesiA is dead, Hail ArthemesiA!

Sometimes things get an abrupt end, sometimes things just slowly fade away. But for now, ArthemesiA bids farewell to all of you. The ride has been mostly good.

First of all, a wholehearted thank you for our members: Mikael, for standing with me when everyone else left the band. Meggadeath, for coming to help us in the studio and playing live - we know that you have a tight schedule with all those bands!

Then the new members whom we never had time to introduce: Thasmorg (guitar), Lord Eurén (synth) and Timo (bass). You guys gave us the last touch. Without you we couldn't have had played any live shows. You all had a role on the 3rd album, but as they say, shit happens.

Anyway... 16 years is a long time for any band. ArthemesiA wasn't the most productive band, but at least we were able to create some dark gems for you to listen to - which is always a nice perk for a band to accomplish in this quantity-plagued scene full of unimaginitive bands. ArthemesiA seemed to hit its lows quite often, but somehow we managed to keep it together. Kudos for that.

And lastly, to get few things clear (and to cut the wings from any speculations), there was no drama in the decision to put ArthemesiA in hiatus, it was a common case of gathered clichés; people grew apart. The whole musical view wasn't that clear anymore. I was writing more and more socially unaccepted lyrics which caused some talk inside the band (ArthemesiA has always been an unpolitical band, but when I see my homeland, Finland, going straight to gutter, I felt I had to write some verses about the degradation of the masses).

Then there was the live shows. I have never liked to perform in front of audience. I'm mostly a solitary man, a lone wolf, so the live shows were giving us some unwanted tension and stress.

So, for now... we have to part our ways and see how the future treats us. For most of us there will be other bands. For me, I like it silent for a while. There might be something bubbling up in the psychedelic ArthemesiAn cauldron in the future. But for now, a few verses from the mighty Johan Edlund:

And now that we're dead
We've learned how to live
Our failures taught us how to forgive
And now that we've risen from the ashes of me and you
All our dreams shall come true

Floating in circles
Stars shine a light our way
To meadows and fields, green as the grass
Where we lay down

See you at the pubs,


030610 AB
It has been a long time since the last update, but we've been quite busy after the gig at Virgin Oil earlier this year. The gig was a great success and we thank everyone who came around, we had a great time before and after the gig. After the great feedback we got from the gig, we are now more than happy to expose some news for the latter part of the year.

The next live ritual will be held during the Tuska Festival in 03.07.10. We are going to play at Nosturi with Shining (SWE) and Totalselfhatred (FIN). The tickets are 12e and you can get in even if you're under 18. We do not know about the playing times yet, but we'll get back to it later on.
We have the same lineup as at the Virgin Oil's gig and we're going to make the official announcement about the "new" members after the Nosturi's gig.

If you have been wondering how the last ritual was, here's some pictures for you. First some pictures by RITUAL and then some shots by Toni Salminen. Thanks for the great pictures, lads!

There's also a great, and long, interview which Valtias and Mikael did for a French webzine called Nightfall. You can read the whole interview here and if you're not that good in French, check out the translation here.

270110 AB
Live ritual happening January 29th at Virgin Oil in Helsinki!

ArthemesiA is performing live for the first time in ten years. It is also close to our 15th Anniversary, so consider the gig as a special treat.

Show time for ArthemesiA is going to be 22:30, but unlike said before, Deathbound will not perform at all. There will be ArthemesiA, MyGrain and Profane Omen. ArthemesiA's playing time will be 45 minutes, but expect to hear some special song arrangements.

Also, our full line-up will be presented there for the first time.

There will be some merchandise as well, so bring out your dead.

091209 AB
First live ritual after ten years! ArthemesiA is going to play live on January 29th 2010!

ArthemesiA will plan a ritual with Deathbound and MyGrain at Virgin Oil next January. Come and see us in action. We will announce the full line-up only after the gig, so if you are curious to see who we are of today, join us to perform the ritual.

More information about the live coming soon.

There are still plenty of t-shirts available, place your orders today!

180809 AB
Finally the t-shirts are here!
The shirt's theme emerges from the song The Noble Elements, which is a homage to one of the greatest modern occultists and magickians Aleister Crowley. Text in the back is an exerpt from a famous poem by Crowley - of which you might find quite familiar. Thus, we present you Terra Vitriol. The Sulphuric Earth.

Click the image for hi-resolution picture.

Follow the link below to place your orders. All sizes are 19,90e + postages. As you can see, you can still get a.O.a. for 8,90e as well.

Added a few new reviews.
The overall grade for a.O.a. is somewhere around 8,5/10 or so. We are very pleased and wish to thank all the people who enjoy our conscious trip to the unknown, or into the transcendence. Our vision is fulfilled and most of you out there in the macrocosmos seems to understand what we are trying to tell you. We salute thee, our kin. The Crows are OUR Dreams.

...and to complete this update, we are pleased to announce that we have found a new bassist. We'll share more information in the near future, but for now we just concentrate on new material and we are soon starting to rehearse songs of a.O.a. for live performance.

060709 AB
Some new reviews can be found at the Media section.

030709 AB
Great news! There's a huge Summer discount sale at Record Store X! You can get a.O.a. and other CDs for only 8.90e!

T-shirts will be coming shortly! Just need to fix few things about them.

240609 AB
New website is finally up and running! Expect to see some updates quite soon.

a.O.a. was released 4th of March 2009 AB!
Check out some brand new reviews and interviews from the Media section of the site.

Click the album cover to listen some sample songs from the album at MySpace.

There's going to be few shirt designs as well - hopefully the first design will be out soon. Other design is a strictly limited edition "comeback" shirt, but more about that later on.

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