In August 2002 I bought a Monark Topper project  


Here below a photograph of MonarkTopper from the sixties.

Toppers were made in Sweden and in Finland as Cresents and Monarks. Husqvarna engines were used. The one in the picture is a Swedish one, as the Finnish version had still pedals at that time.










As I was collecting information about Monark tank badgets and logos from the sixties, several variations were found.
The picture above was the one with the black background.



But the mopeds assembled here in Finland seemed to have a slightly different tank badget outlook. The problem with us restorers is that we haven't found so far a well preserved example of the original badget to be able to re-produce new replicas.


Only partial examples has been found so far (as the one in the picture here).

The b/w flag is not part of the original appearance.





And here below you can find some photos of my Monark Topper as purchased ...





I have managed to find some new replacement parts as well....
Even a brand new rear fork was found.







The old rear fork was already badly damaged and re-welded.








Also a brand new speedometer was found .


A new exhaust pipe was made with a handsome cone to fit to the rear end of the silencer...


I also got a huge package of extremely well re-conditioned spares from a fellow, who had restored one moped a few years ago, and was left with quite a few extra bits  ..



Tank filling cap only needing polishing and re-chroming..





A spare moped which I bought 6.12.2002  

This one was fitted with aluminium mudguards. Both aluminium and chromed steel was used for mudguards at that time.










With the same purchase I got a spare engine, and some other missing parts as well.






My saddle was in a bad condition, but I managed to find  quite a good second-hand one.










14.12.2002 I got a package containing the whole rear wheel.  I was missing the break drum cover, and finally got it.  


Still searching for some missing parts...


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