"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

merellä, Bonfigliolin kera

Birdwatching in Hanko peninsula, Oct. 98. A Bonfiglioli Woodstock sits comfortably in mouth! An excellent pipe when outdoors, light and sturdy made. Furthermore, it offers mellow puffs!

There are hundreds of pipe shapes!

Famous classic pipe shapes are e.g.: Billiard, Dublin, bulldog, Rhodesian, apple, pot, Woodstock, poker. As these like many, many other shapes are available in smooth, sandblasted and rusticated finish and as the stem can be straight or more or less bent, it is only natural that the emerging sortiment of basic shapes is enormous! To top it all, there are also so called freehand pipes with unique shapes, among which especially Danish freehands are popular. Thus the degrees of freedom for a pipester are almost infinite. Most of the pipesters I know have favourite shapes, which dominate their pipe sortiment. I prefer slightly bent Dublins, bulldogs or Rhodesians and freehands based on the Dublin shape. A typical characteristic of Dublin is a conical, downward narrowing bowl.

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