To smoke pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life

Mark Tinsky and his "Americans"

Sandblasted Prince
What a nice Prince! Note also the new symbol on stem.

My newest Tinsky (Oct. 16.2001)

My newest Tinsky "American" is a Prince shaped beautifully sandblasted pipe.
I got it October 16. It is well made, the shank/stem joint is flush and smoke
channel is just like it is supposed to be.

Tinsky Prince from the other side
The blast of this pipe is very nice, almost perfect ring grain

This was not a cheap pipe, but I am sure it will be worth of every dollar invested in it!
Mark is a keen flyfisher, and we are bragging on our emails in turn about the terrific trouts
we get. Mark sent a photo of his latest big trout with in packet and I must admit the fish
is big, almost as big as my big ones. Besides, Mark's fishing outfit seems a lot more
classy than mine. If you'd like to visit his shop, here is its link:
American Smoking Pipe Company home page.

Tinsky Prince, a top view
Third view of the same pipe. Pure briar inside the bowl

First smoking impressions

I am presently puffing Hamborger Veermaster in the Tinsky Prince with a great pleasure.
The taste is very good for a non precorbonized tobacco chamber. It tastes pure and surprisingly
mellow. I applied a little saliva in the tobacco chamber before filling the bowl half full.
I have now smoked almost into the heel and gurgling is minimal. I have used a cleaner only
once, which means I am going to get a great smoker. I am really not regretting this investment.
In addition of getting a very beautifully shaped and light-weight (53g) pipe I got an excellent
smoker with practically no warming at all.
My warmest thanks to the great American pipe master, Mark Tinsky!

My second newest Tinsky, a gift from a dear friend

An American freehand

This is a special freehand designed by Chet Gottfried and made by Mark Tinsky under the brand
name "American". Watch the the magnificent grain, hexagonal bowl and the very rare spiral
shank! One of the lines starts from the top of the bowl and continues smoothly to the end of
the shank! Thank you ever so much, Chet!

American from above

The beautiful straight grain is naturally bird's eye seen from top

My first Tinsky "American" from 1996

A smooth Dublin

A beautiful smooth Dublin by Mark Tinsky. I told Mark my ideas about the pipe, its measures.
the quality of briar, type, finishing, etc. and and he carried everything out with enormous skill.
The briar has already had some time to change its colour and hue. It is interesting to watch how
naturals change as the time goes by. This is my first Tinsky.

My second Tinsky from 1998

Rustic/smooth Dublin

An original, half smooth, half rustic Dublin by Mark Tinsky. BTW, pipes by Mark are officially called

Danish freehands

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Updated Oct.16. 2001