"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Stanwell, a factory made classic from Denmark

Stanwell's symbol
I had been puffing my first Stanwells already in the early 60ies
and had not regarded them as bad pipes at all! Then I was with-
out smoking about ten years, and when again beginning to yearn
after pipes I did not buy but the Stanwell cheapos, "Royal Da-
nishes". Funny enough, the cheaper the pipe, the greater its
name, as the Dane Jesper Klith once wrote.
BTW, Jesper is working for a tobacconist FF-Piber. They are
from a small town Randers in Jutland and Jesper is a great chap
selling also other pipes, e.g. many great Danish brands and even
Dunhill via FF-Piber. Also many blends are available through them.
BTW, I am in no connection with FF-Piber other than as a satisfied
Another source of my new Stanwells is the German Dan Pipe, which
distributes its wonderful catalog for free. Almost the only drawback
with DP is the fact that almost all the pipes they sell are made for
the German market, which means they are bored to 9 mm. My newest
Stanwell ("Rondo Sand" below) arrived from Dan Pipe just a couple of
days after Christmas 2000:

My latest Stanwell, a gift from December 2001

Stanwell with silver plate and rare logo
Sandblasted Stanwell: odd logo with a dot to the right
of "S"

I got this pipe as a gift from a dear friend in December 2001.
I believe this is a year pipe with the silver plate on which one can have his
name engraved. The Stanwell logo on the stem is new to me because of the little
silver dot to the right and vertically in the middle of the "S".
I have smoked it half a year now and it is a very good smoker like all my Stanwells.
In fact, when writing this I am puffing Dunhill "De Luxe Navy Rolls" in it with
a great pleasure. Its tobacco chamber was precarbonized, but the pipe was very soon
broken in. It is bored to 9mm, but I smoke it with the plastic insert available from
well-stocked tobacconist or from e.g. Dan Pipe, Germany.
There is no need for a filter. The only filter I can accept is the Savinelli balsa
stick, which actually is not a filter at all. :)

Stanwell "Rondo Sand" Apple, Dec. 28.2000

Rondo Sand Apple
A beautifully sandblasted Apple, isn't it!

Rondo from right
A right view, the insert is artificial amber and brass

Ring grain from bottom
The blast shows a rather regular ring grain pattern at bottom

Stanwell "Brazilia" Rhodesian

Stanwell vas.
Sanblasted "Brazilia" with a horn insert

I bought this "Brazilia" Rhodesian from FF-Piber. It is a
sandblasted pipe, with the typical characteristic of a horn
insert between two brass mountings.

Stanwell oikealta
Stanwell Brazilia from right

According to Jesper the Brazilians are quite rare, i.e. Stanwell
makes relatively few of them. He also wrote that he chose this
very pipe in an exhibition to sell through FF-Piber via the WWW.

My first impression is very good, although I prefer a virgin
tobacco chamber better than a precarbonized like in this pipe.
A pipe feels more like one's own when one has begun puffing it
from the scratch without any precarbonizations whatsoever!


Today I can say that the Brazilia is broken in and it proves Stanwell
must be among the best factory made pipes together with Savinelli.
The smokes are now smooth and mellow but excellently able to bring
forth the best quality of a Va. blend. I have smoked only Virginia and
Va. - Perique blends in it. As a pipe for Escudo this pipe seems to

Stanwell "Bamboo" Billiard

After the experiences with the Brazilia I bought another Stanwell,
where else than FF-Piber and Jesper! This is a straight SB billiard
with a bamboo shank. This is my first bamboo pipe and if you ask me,
it is looks great! It is very light-weighted relative to its size
(Dunhill group 5). I am expecting great puffs from it. I'll tell
later how I'll find it, but at least the smoke channel is just as
it is supposed to be; not too narrow, the pipe doesn't whistle.

Stanwell Bamboo from left
Stanwell Bamboo from left

the Bamboo from right
Nice ring grained blast

Two old Royal Danish, i.e. seconds from Stanwell:

I have chosen the following two pipes to represent my older Royal
Danish category. They are very good pipes, although they did not
cost much at the time I purchased them in the 60ies.

Royal Danish

This "Royal Danish" by "Stanwell" is called "military" based on
its shaft. The stem penetrates inside of the shank without a shoulder.
The shank also happens to be ferruled. This way the stem can be removed
from the shank even in the midst of smoking (e.g. while in battle) and put
in the pocket without the fear of breaking while crawling or riding a horse.

Royal Danish Rhodesian

I have two identical Royal Danish Rhodesians like this one. A good shape!

Le Nuvole, light like a cloud

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Updated July 4,2002