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Savinelli, a classic from Italy

The script on the shank of an Autograph
The script on the Autograph stem

Most of the pipes in my collection are Savinellis, the latest of them is an Autograph. Furthermore, one piece of Linea Piu, one Straight Grain and a Punto Oro. The rest are of lesser grades, mostly more or less bents, e.g. Porto Cervos. The majority of my Savinellis are sandblasted, only a couple of the S's are smooth. This is quite odd as I have among the other brands mostly smooth ones.

The freeform Autograph from left
A sandblasted, original Savinelli "Autograph"

Top view
A view from top

Savinelli has an innovation called "The Savinelli Balsa System". This means essentially a small, triangularly shaped porous stick pushed into the tenon, which is a little wider than normal as is also the mortise inside the shank. The porous balsa gathers all the humidity that inevitably emerges when one smokes with a pipe. This is why all my pipes equipped with this system of Savinelli give very smooth and dry puffs. One never has to use a cleaner while smoking, which is normal with the usual pipes. I must say I am very happy with all my Savinellis and can warmly recommend them to every pipe smoker. Perhaps it must be added that I am in no relation to Savinelli other than that of a happy customer!

Here are some of my other Savinellis:

Savinelli Straight Grain
A somewhat rare Savinelli Straight Grain
This "pot" is among the highest grades of
Savinelli and smokes wonderfully.
I bought it comparatively cheap from Mark
& John almost unused. Mark and I both are
fly-fishermen. I sent a special Finnish fly
for him. Maybe that's why.

Linea Piu
Linea Piu stands very high in the hierarchy of
Savinellis. This one is hand made and original with
its lucite stem, the hues of it matching excellently
with the briar. I bought it from Rob Denholtz's "Fine
Old Briars". It was used but in good condition. If you
are interested, Rob's e-mail address is: Rob Denholtz
<>. You'll get about bimonthly
a catalog with fotos of pipes, etc.

Savinelli Canadien
Individually coloured pipe, in nature almost orange
Savinelli Capri. Looking the long oval shank this is
easy to recognize as a "Canadien". Also this one I
bought from Rob's collection of estate pipes

Porto Cervo
My loyal old Savinelli in the class of "Porto Cervo"
It is 1/8 bent and with a beautiful band. The pipe is nice to
hold in hand or between teeth.

Savinelli De Luxe
This is a Savinelli "De Luxe", a "Panel" with octagonal
bowl and square "saddle bit" shank and stem.
An excellent smoker, a sturdy and loyal pipe.

Octagonal bowl from top
The shape of panel seen
from top, it is octagonal!

Savinelli Extra
A full bent "Extra", unluckily only this side is
grained with the beautiful birdseye

Punto Oro
This Canadian has a really looong, 17 cm shaft!

Punto Oro from above
Punto Oro seen from above. The name comes from the
"golden spot" on the stem

One of my "war horses", a Savinelli Roma #305.
I have eight pipes of this type. None a bad smoker.
I can puff the whole day with them and never sour.

Savinelli "La Milano" Canadien, which gives
soft, dry and mellow puffs because of the long
briar shank

Milano logo
The "La Milano" dragon logo
on the shank of the Canadian

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