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Sasieni Four Dot, a classic from England

Four Dot Ruff Root Buckingham from left
Left view of the "Ruff Root Buckingham

This Four Dot Buckingham "Ruff Root" I bought from eBay. The pipe is
from the "Pre-Trans" era. The term is usually associated with Barlings,
but it can as well be used with Sasienis.Steven P. Smith's article in the P&T
magazine (Spring 1999) is an excellent history of the Sasieni Pipes, and in
it Steve writes:"It is possible to divide the Sasieni history into three eras,
similar to that of Barlings". According to this he referes to "Pre-Transition",
"Transition" and "Post-Transition Sasienis throughout his article.

Four Dot Ruff Root Buckingham from right
"Ruff Root Buckingham from left

Mainly the "family-made" pipes made between 1919 and 1979 are desirable to collectors.
J. Sasieni, the founder worked at Charatan and then moved on to Dunhill and rose to the
position of factory manager. Later he opened up his own factory in 1919.

The stamping
The stamping under the shank

According to Steve Smith, J. Sasieni died in 1946 and his son Alfred became the successor
to his father's business and the "Four Dot" stamping appeared on the shank. Alfred sold the
firm in 1979 to another firm but stayed as the director for some years.
My "Buckingham" is made earliest between 1946 and 1950 because that is when the text
"Sasieni" was changed to this simpler, though still script-style stamp of my pipe. The latest
possible time is 1979 because the town names like "Buckingham" were then removed.

Unluckily this Sasieni was well cleaned only from outside, its shank was mildly said full
of gunk. I had to apply the salt/alcohol treatment and use at least 50 Q-tips and cleaners
before I was happy. But happy I am, as now this pipe is an excellent proof of the terrific
craftmanship of the "Pre-Transition", family-era of Sasieni. It is a great smoker and very
light-weight pipe, which I am now proud to own.

Mastro de Paja

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Created October 2. 2000