"To smoke pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Refbjerg, a positive new acquiantance from Denmark

I bought Nov.02.98 from Clive Humm an affordable Danish Refbjerg.
This one is a sandblasted "apple" and appears to be quite a puffer!
Especially regarding to its price (40 £) it seems a good bargain.
I have puffed one half filled bowl on it today. The Plantation Evening
was burnt to dry ashes and I used a cleaner just once while smoking.
"Precarbonized", but not among the baddest I have noticed this far.
The future will show if this smallish apple shall turn out to be as
good a pal as it seems at present.

Clive writes about Refbjerg: "I think that he is one of the best-kept
secrets in pipesmoking".
Read Clive's words about Søren Refjberg Rasmussen.

Søren is again one of those many guys making or puffing pipes, who has
fishing as hobby. Still one reason more to value the Refbjerg pipes.

Refbjerg from the right
The sandblasted apple by Refbjerg seen from right

Refbjerg from the left

The sandblasted apple viewed from the top

My second Refbjerg, a straight billiard from 10.12.98

A straight Refbjerg billiard
An elegant creation by Refbjerg with a Cumberland
type stem

My pipe and fishing friend Tapio visited in Dec. 10. We eat mutton steak,
which we rinsed down with excellent Fuller & Marston ales. Later in the
evening we exchanged gifts. Tapio gave me this new, smooth billiard by
Refbjerg. Oh, was I happy! I had to fill it with Escudo and light it
carefully using two matches, i.e. the charring light. Soon I was enjoying
the cool, smooth and mellow puffs which the the wonderful combination of
Escudo and the new Refbjerg presented me. This will become a really good
puffer, that I am sure of. Every time I fill it I'll remember my good friend
Tapio! My warm thanks to you! I hope your new Castello Chimney will have
a good draught as well. ;)

Refbjerg straight billiard
Søren uses a beautiful letter "R" as his logo on the
stem. The Cumberland lucite is clearly seen here.

Castello from Cantu, Italy

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