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Parker "Bruyere" Bulldog

I found this "NIB" (New in the Box) Parker Bulldog on eBay and as I did not
own one, I placed my bid. To my surprise I became the winning bidder at less
than $70. After sending the payment I went to Lapland for my fortnight lasting
hike&fish trek. After returning I got the pipe from the post office and I must
say I am pleased with this classic shape Bulldog. It is a well made pipe with
flush stem/shank joint and excellent geometry of the smoke channel. Despite of
a couple of small sandpits it looks goodand is a well balanced, beautifully
stained medium sized pipe to me.

Parker bulldog
Nice birdseye on this side

Bulldog from right
Mixed grain on the right side

The very day I got it (August 11.2000) I filled it half with G,H&Co's Brown Flake.
It gave me dry puffs and despite of the precarbonization the taste was not at
all bad for a brand new pipe.
There was a rumour that Parkers are Dunhill seconds, but I do not believe it.
In any case this "Bruyere" is supposed to be one of their Premier pipes, and
it really gives the impression of carefully made pipe.


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Updated July 3rd, 2000