"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Mastro de Paja, great pipes from Pesaro, Italy

My latest Mastro from February 9. 2001

Mastro Sun logo
The Mastro sun
I received this streamlined smooth Mastro de Paja bent from eBay (Pete Zaring) today (February 9. 01) well under $100. Thanks to Pete it was well sanitized and it was a pleasure to run a Dan Pipe pipe cleaning liquid moistened cleaner through the smoke channel and notice how clean it came through. The geometry of smoke channel is perfect and the smoke hole is dead center in the heel. A cleaner goes without resistance all the way into the bowl.

The smooth Mastro from right
A streamlined Mastro smooth bent from the right. Nice grain isn't it!

Mastro from right
Not too bad grain on this side either, though perhaps not as tight.

A closeup of stamp and silver
The silver ring comes with some decorations
This is a "one sun" grade pipe.

First smoking experineces
I am presently puffing Escudo in the Mastro pictured above the day I received it.
Great, clean smokes with not least of the typical foul taste of some pipes from eBay! I am very happy with this pipe, although its bowl is a bit larger than I supposed. Today, when I smoke only Virginia blends, perhaps a tad smaller tobacco chamber would have been preferred. With Latakia blends this size is perfect, I think. Well, perhaps the time shall come when I once again will return to English blends!
In any case, this pipe continues to smoke very cool and dry like my other two Mastros presented on this page as I am reaching the heel of its bowl. I still have a little Escudo unburnt while typing this with my Notepad. I'll stop typing now in order to upload this page on my server for you to browse this. I'll come back later and inform you about my impressions after the first fill.
(February 9th, 2001)

My first Mastro from Sep 25. 2000

For some odd reason this is my first Mastro, although I have been a fan of Italian pipes already since my first factory made Savinellis in the late fifties. Now, after the Swiss Tarek Manadily has created a web site of his own specializing in Italian pipes, which he has named as "The Italian Pipe Homepage" , I found so many beautiful Mastros that I could not resist buying this wonderful Canadian, which BTW is one of my favourite shapes. In October 27th, 2000 I got another Mastro, a "Media 2C" Pot, which you'll find after the Canadian on this page.

Immediately after noticing this pipe with a great blast, which presents the vertical, straight grain of briar very nicely, I knew I must have it. Perhaps this is again one indicator of the so-called "PAD" sympton. PAD refers to "pipe acquisition disease", a term half jokingly used on ASP, i.e. the newsgroup for pipe smokers ("alt.smokers.pipes"), but I do not care as long as I succeed in buying marvellous pipes like this Mastro de Paja sandblasted Canadian.

The Canadian from left
A lightweight (35 g) sandblasted Canadian

There is "1B" inside a circle on the shank in addition to the sun symbol and text
"Pesaro" in script and "Mastro de Paja" also in script plus on the Italian
pipes usual text "FATTA A MANO" (in capitals), which means "hand made".
This is not a big pipe, but bigger than some other Canadians I have, e.g. the
Dunhill "Root" (Group 3) and the Savinelli "Milano" with the dragon symbol
of the Sforzas. However it is a small pipe compared e.g. with my Moretti
"Long Shank" (~Canadian). Its tobacco chamber is 20mm and depth 37mm.
You can see the Mastro coding system on this Tarek's page, where you can
find the grades used for the European as well as for the U.S. market.

Mastro from top
Mastro Canadian seen from top with the golden spot

A right view from the Canadian
Great blast also on the right side

The straight grain inside of bowl
The vertical grain pattern
inside the tobacco chamber

I must learn more about Mastros in order to be able to add some facts about this brand.
I got this pipe only yesterday, and have not had the chance yet to try it, so I will update
this page in the near future writing about my smoking experiences and hopefully also telling
more about this famous Italian pipe brand.

First smoking experiences
This is one of the greatest smokers I have had so far. Great, mellow puffs without any gurgling
whatsoever. I love this pipe because of its lightweight, beautiful ring grain and its smoking
characteristics. Thank you Tarek for your excellent assortment and service!

My second Mastro from Oct. 27. 2000

This pipe came to from eBay as I was the high bidder (USD 81) for this unsmoked Mastro de Paja
"Media 2C" smooth, freeform Pot. The seller was "Buckhead Consignments" from Atlanta, GA.
The tobacco chamber is natural without any stinky precarbonization just like my first Mastro above.
Its partly carved shank also looks very nice to me.

Media 2C fom left
Mastro "Media 2C" freeform Pot from the left

The grain is almost straight and it is also very tight with lots of thin hair grain densely filling
also the lighter areas of bowl and shank. I have not yet filled it, but I suspect it'll prove itself
at least as good smoker as the Canadian. The geometry of smoke channel is perfect.

Mastro from above
The rim is thick and the walls still thicken all the way to the heel

Mastro from the right
Pretty nice grain also on this side. Note also the carved shank

Smoking experiences

This is a good smoker like my other two Mastros. I regret not having bought Mastros earlier.
Due to its rather large bowl I usually apply one cleaner for a bowl. This is not bad at all!
What do you think considering this is a new pipe still almost totally without carbon cake?

Here is a link to Mastro de Paja's homepage in Italy

Barling from England

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Created September 26. 2000, updated February 9. 2001