"Pipe smoking is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

The Master from England, Les Wood

L.Wood logo       LJS on Ferndown stem
On left the small figure on L.Wood
stem, on the right the text found at
Ferndowns exported to the U.S.A.

These are photos of my four pipes by the famous English master Les Wood.
He used to work for a long time at Alfred Dunhill's, but then founded
a firm of his own and is regarded today as one of the most skilful pipe
makers around.
His pipes are better known as Ferndowns in the U.S.A.

My most recent L.Wood/Ferndown: A Canadian with brindle (Cumberland) stem

A Canadian *** Bark with Brindle stem
A Canadian *** Bark with brindle stem and silver ring

This is rather big pipe with three asterisks, which on the Ferndown terminology
refer to the size, one asterisk being the smallest size.

The brindle (Cumberland) variety stem
Nicely coloured "Brindle" stem

The term Cumberland was first used by Dunhill, and I believe D. has patented it,
that is why other makers cannot use it for their vulcanite stems with variable colours,
usually with different shades of brown. Instead of Cumberland they are called "Brindle".
This Canadian has also a silver ring like most, if not all L.Woods/Ferndowns.

I got this pipe in June 30, 2000 and packed its spacious tobacco chamber half full with
Gawith, Hoggarth & Co's Brown Flake". At the end there was only light grey ash,
and I must say this pipe proved itself surprisingly dry and smooth smoker right from
the start. The blend tasted extremely sweet, perhaps mainly because of the precarbon-
ization used. It will be interesting to notice how it will develop in the future.
Clive Humm was once again the excellent provider with an affordable price and
fast delivery!

A squat billiard/apple Dec. 1999, my third Les Wood

Antique Bark from left
Les Wood (Ferndown) straight squat billiard from
Clive Humm, London, England

Antique Bark from top
Rusticated, light tanned "Antique Bark" (**) from top

This Les Wood /Ferndown) completed my collection in the sense that it
now includes all the three typical finishes, namely the "Antique Bark",
which is rather light stained, the almost black "Bark" and the smooth
"Chestnut" (Reo). His silversmith skills are shown in all three pipes,
especially the chestnut Rhodesian has a gorgeous silver mount. The other
two are with broad, smooth silver. However, the most important characte-
ristic of these pipes is that they are excellent smokers, their taste is
dark and rich. I warmly recommend these pipes for all friends of British

My first Les Wood, a slightly bent smooth Rhodesian from summer 1998

My first L. Wood, a Rhodesian, developed as a magnificent smoker after,
let us say from 7th to 10th bowl on. I have a strong belief that it
will become one among my favourites now as I have been able to fill
the bowl up to the rim after the initial breaking in period! I bought
it about in the end of July, 1998 from the German Dan Pipe.

Dan Pipe has a vast assortment of pipes, blends and everything that
belongs to pipe smoking. They have a gorgeous catalog, which you can
order from Dan Pipe's home page.
I have ordered using this e-mail address: pipe@danpipe.de

a Les Wood Rhodesian
A Rhodesian by Les Wood. He is also
a silversmith, which is easily seen looking
at the gorgeous silver mount

L.W. Rhodesian from above
The same darkish Rhodesian seen from

My second Les Wood, a straight bulldog, Sept.10,1999

Les Wood straight bulldog
Classic rusticated bulldog from left with a
broad sterling mount. Brand new in Sept.10.1999

The bulldog from right
A view from right

Brebbia from Italy

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Updated July 3rd, 2000