"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Old Loewe & Co from London, England

A very light (29g) Loewe "Original" Woodstock, Dec.2001

Loewe from left
This delicate Loewe Woodstock is from the 1950's

Once again a great bargain from eBay! This pipe cost me less than $50 and I got it well
cleaned and sanitized from Hermit Tobacco, where I had bought pipes even before.
Loewe was one of England's very old and respected makers. This pipe is graceful and
weighs only 29 grams. It has smooth cross cut with beautiful birds eye on both sides
of the bowl. On the top of the shank it reads "L&Co in an oval
over "ORIGINAL". The bottom reads "LOEWE" over "LONDON W." followed by the shape name,
"WOODSTOCK". This is followed by "MADE IN ENGLAND" in a circle. The stem is stamped
on the left side "L&CO" in an oval, but this stamp is already pretty vague.

First smoking experineces

The cake was all bored away, so it was no great surprise that the walls became hot. Despite
of this the smokes were cool and without any stale nuances so usual with old "estate" pipes
like this one. I smoked Gawith&Hoggarth's Brown Flake and enjoyed it very much. I am absolutely
certain that this pipe is becoming one of my favourites after I have got it caked. It is so
light that it'll be an excellent fishing pipe, one hardly notices its weight between one's
jaws. I am hundred percent satisfied with this honorourable pipe with a great tradition!

G. Jensen from Denmark

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Created 25. December 2001