"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

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Le Nuvole from Pesaro, Italy

Visit the beautiful homepage of Stefania and Maurizio Tombari, Le Nuvole in Pesaro, Italy!

Maurizio Tombari makes mostly medium sized and small pipes.
He writes:"Le Nuvole ("Clouds") are entirely handmade pipes,
made precious by the grain on the briar and the decorations
reminiscent of the simple lines and basic features common to all
civilizations throughout the ages and all over the world. Smooth and
delicate shapes which contrast effectively with the geometrical lines
of the decorations. Le Nuvole look back to a pristine and timeless
craftmanship, and follow the original shapes of ancient memories
revisited: pitchers, amphorae, vases, pottery."

Smooth freehand Poker, one of our ten "SPK-FPC" club pipes

I was the coordinator of our small net pipe club, when we decided to purchase
our club pipe for the year 2000 from Maurizio Tombari. In June 16. the packet
arrived. Inside were ten smooth pokers in their sleeves and cardboard boxes.

One of the ten Le Nuvole Pokers
One of the ten smooth Le Nuvole freehand pokers with inscribed
silver ring flush with the shank with the text "SPK-FPC 2000"

I am extremely satisfied with this pipe and our decision to choose Maurizio as
the maker. These pipes are just wonderful, made with an excellent craftmanship
and their grain is terrific!

club pipe from the left
The same pipe as above seen from left

On the left side the grain is not quite as spectacular as on the right, but it
still is nice. Maurizio's pipes seem sometimes have the rare "grain in the grain"
in which every darker area consists of many extremely tight bundles of tight grains.

Club pipe from top
Beautiful unstained tobacco chamber as in all Le Nuvoles

Maurizio does snot stain tobacco chambers, which is very good. I believe he has
nothing to hide in the briar, which he purchases from Calabria.

My first Le Nuvole from Maurizio Tombari, Pesaro

I bought this pipe April 20.1999 and got it three days after my order.
Maurizio wrote that this shape, #30, is one of his own favourites.
It weighs only 30 grams and is my lightest pipe. If you compare it with
my Bonfiglioli Poker, you see one of my biggest pipes with it.
They are like Goliath and David put side by side.
They both come from Italy, they both are beautiful and made with excellent
craftmanship rivalled only by Bruto Sordini among my pipes.

Bonfig.&Le Nuvole
David and Goliath
among my pipes

Le Nuvole, left
Very light Le Nuvole bent

Le Nuvole, right
Beautiful grain, isn't it!

Le Nuvole, above
No precarbonization, just pure briar

Croci from Italy

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Created April 23.99, updated June 16. 2000