"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

L'Anatra from Pesaro, Italy: Hand-made by Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci

"Dalle Uova d'Oro"

The duck's head
L'Anatra symbol
L'Anatra means "goose" in Italian, thus this nice little goose's head made from silver on their stems. When Clive emailed me having an excellent new brand of pipes to sell, symbolized as a little goose's head on the stem I was hesitating because I thought this protruding little head would easily become stuck in my pockets. Luckily I changed my mind and bought a l'Anatra.
Clive Humm added l'Anatra in his assortment of pipes in the late 2000 or early 2001. I was hesitating and did not make my decision immediately after Clive's announcement, so many of l'Anatras were already sold before I browsed again his site. Luckily there still was a certain sandblasted "sitter" still left for me to buy.

My newest l'Anatra, a smooth, three egg apple from July, 2002

a nice three egg apple
This is the year pipe of SPK/FPC for 2002

The Finnish Pipe Club ("Suomalainen piippukerho") decided to get its fourth club
pipe from Pesaro. This time it was going to be from Massimo Palazzi and Andrea
Pascucci. These two Italian gentlemen create these wonderful L'Anatra pipes with
the little goose's head protruding from the stem.

a nice three egg apple
Our club pipe for 2002 viewed from the other side

I happened to be the lucky winner for the only available pipe with three eggs.
The makers produced only one three eggs pipe, the rest being lighter and darker
one eggers. We had our annual summer meeting in July 12 during which we received our
personal pipes. I must say also the pipes with only one eggs were great, yet the
differences in grain straightness and symmetry were clear between three and one egg
pipes. All the members receiving their L'Anatra were satisfied and happy with their
brand new pipes.

First smoking experiences

I filled the bowl of this light-weight pipe only half with Dunhill Navy Rolls
It smoked wonderfully, very slowly with mellow tones and only a hint of briar taste
despite of the pure, white wood with no precarbonization. Until this moment I have
smoked three half bowls in this wonderful pipe and I believe it is almost broken in.
This goose is laying golden eggs!

My first l'Anatra, a sandblasted freeform Rhodesian

Freeform l'Anatra
The chunky sandblasted l'Anatra sitter from the right
Clive writes:"L'anatra pipes are made in a small workshop in the grounds of Massimo Palazzi's home in Pesaro, Italy. I think they are exquisite - beautifully shaped, with a delicate style that is all their own. Massimo knows what he is doing - he had more than 20
years experience working for other famous pipemakers before he struck out on his own. Massimo and his partner, Andrea Pascucci, make stunning pipes - but that doesn't mean that they are expensive. One of my customers recently described them as five-star pipes at two-star prices."

"I bought my first L'anatra in the Spring of 1999. I have to admit, it was the shape that seduced me - a Paneled Horn, which is rapidly becoming a trademark shape for L'anatra. It quickly became one of my favourite pipes, so having smoked it for a year, I decided that I should visit Massimo and see about offering some of his pipes to this website. I sold most of the first consignment before I had time to put them on this page. That says more about L'anatra pipes than I ever could."

l'Anatra from the left
The pipe with the duck's head from left
I like the sandblast in this pipe: there are nice crossings of vertical grain with the horizontal growth rings. The blast is not too shallow nor too deep, it is just perfect to my taste. This is not a small pipe as it weighs 61 g, but there is a lot of briar in it as uou can see looking the photo below.

A view from the top
There is lots of briar in this pipe!

First smoking experiences

As I am writing this as late as January 3. 2002 I do not remember with which
blend I filled it for the first time, but I have a strong belief it must have
been the "Hamborger Veermaster" from Dan Pipe. In any case, right from the
beginning this l'Anatra smoked well. The puffs were clean and smooth, only some
slight gurgling when arriving the bottom of the bowl.

Now, after having smoked this pipe about a year, I can attest it is an excellent
smoker! I like it very much, not only because of the nice little duck's head but
because of the great craftmanship shown both in the geometry of its smoke
channel and its blast, not to mention the seemingly excellent handling of briar.
Because of it the gurgling I noticed when puffing it the first time has now totally
vanished, and now this odd looking freeform Rhodesian has become as one of
my favourite pipes. When writing this with my old "Notepad" I smoke this l'Anatra
filled with Gawith,Hoggarth&Co's "Bright CR Flake". This tastes like a perfect
combination: so full and mellow, yet clean, dry and sweet puffs!


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created January 3. 2002, updated July 16.2002