"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Ser Jacopo dalla Gemma, three pearls from Italy
Ser Jac Melolontha
Ser Jacopo Melolontha rusticated
Or more familiary: "Jac" by Giancarlo Guidi and Paolo Battistelli is a relatively new acquaintance of mine. Better late than never, though!
I love my three Jacs! They are well made: everything is perfect, including the silver mounting, which is typical with Jacs.
The first one of the three pipes at this page is called a Melolontha. I believe this odd name is based on an European insect called "cockchafer" in English. The Latin name of the genus of these insects is Melolontha. Well, perhaps the shape of this pipe associates with the named insect. Please decide this yourself!
Melontha from above
Melolontha from above
Melontha is a sitter which is excellent as it has such a big bowl!
I very rarely smoke one bowlful during one session but lay the pipe aside at least once, let it coold down and after some time relight it. I have not noticed any deterioration of taste doing this.
Jac Cherrywood
This Jac is a "Cherrywood" a.k.a. "Poker"
My second Jac, which I received from Hamburg 27.8. 98 is a "Cherrywood" -type smooth "La Fuma". Oh, how a pipe can be beautiful! What do you think?. The silver ferrule is especially gorgeous, decorated with tobaaco leaf motive. As with Melolontha everything seems to be perfect in this Cherrywood.
Tobacco leaf motive
I think also the grain is nice and almost straight. The bowl is as high as 7 cm! "La Fuma" is said to be a lower class Ser Jac. I must have been lucky as even looking through a good magnifying glass I do not notice fills or sand pits at all! The mounting is sinked a bit in the shank and contrary to my anticipation it does not get all too hot. Exceptionally mellow and smooth puffs which bring the aroma of blend nicely out.
A chubby Jac
A chubby, sympathetic "La Fuma"
My third Jac arrived Jan. 4.1999 as the first purchase for the new year.The German Dan Pipe ended their representation of Ser Jacopo and sold out their whole stock 40% discount. At the last minute I noticed this and received the #106 "La Fuma" today.
#106 from above
La Fuma seen from above
The pipe is smallish and as such perfectly suitable to be used at work. It is furthermore sturdy built so it is a safe pipe e.g. to take along on my annual, long fish and hike trips to Lapland viddas. Right from the beginning I received smooth puffs from this sympathetic little pipe.
This chubby fellow is of the same good quality as my two first Ser Jacs and nicely tanned, too. It is a pity Dan Pipe does not sell them anymore! I would have bought even more Jacs through this firm, especially at the affordable price I got this smooth #106 "fatta a mano" Jac.
"Don Carlos"

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updated Jan.4.1999