To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!

Danish freehands

Ben Wade Tawny freehand
This great Ben Wade I got my friend from LI, Chet Gottfried
This pipe is a wonderful example of Danish freehands, it is a
"sitter", too! Very preferable for a huge pipe like this.

Plateau top bowl
The plateau top of Ben Wade

My biggest pipe, a Danish Bjarne. It is a mas-
sively beautiful pipe and an extraordinary
piece of briar. I must get more like this one!
3 inches high and almost two inches wide

Some Preben Holm/Ben Wade -pipes:

A Preben Holm
The late Danish Preben Holm designed
gorgeous "freehands", later produced
under the name Ben Wade. This is one
of my own Preben Holms. It is so big,
I have not yet filled the bowl full!
2,5" high and 1,75" wide

  Look at 'The Story of my Firm' by the late P.H. himself

Ben Wade FH
This one I bought estate from the U.S.A. It is a
typical "Danish Freehand" by P.H., sold under the
brand name Ben Wade. It is made in the early 90ies.

A Ben Wade
A beautiful Ben Wade with a spiral shaft
owned by my friend Chet Gottfried in LI, U.S.A.

  A combination of Kalevala, imagination
and art of pipe designing.

(The page is by Chet, I only translated the lost stanza.)


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Updated Oct. 16,1999