"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Peter Heeschen, Odense, Denmark

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I noticed on a.s.p. the ad from Peter Konner, who is the webmaster of Heeschen site , and the very positive comment about these pipes by Greg Pease, who is the highly regarded blender of Friedman&Pease tobaccos. I visited immediately the Heeschen site and noticed there were only nine pipes altogether, many of which were already booked. This little sandblasted freehand
luckily wasn't, so I ordered it as fast as I could. The next day I received a confirmation from Peter Konner that my order was accepted and that they'll ship it C.O.D., which was excellent for I could pay the pipe in post office using FIM without having to go to the bank in order to change the currency.
Today, Jan.25th, I collected the parcel from post office and hurried to add this page on my site.
Heeschen freehand, a side wiev
My first pipe from Peter Heeschen, weighs less than 40g

Top view      Heeschen freehand, a view from under
Heeschen freehand viewed from top and bottom

This pipe is made of Corsican briar and its exact weight is 37 g (1.31 oz) and the tobacco chamber diameter 19 mm according to the information on Heeschen site. The stem is of artificial amber and the wooden insert is laburnum. The bowl is non-precarbonized, which I prefer to the very often odd tasting precarbonization. I have not yet filled the bowl, but I look very much forward to it as the fame of Heeschens is really excellent. Greg Pease even went as far as anticipating they may rise to the level of the famous Danish Bang pipes!

Soon I'll fill the bowl with some Va blend, e.g. Dunhill Light Flake as I am going to reserve this pipe exclusively for them. I'll be back soon to tell about my experiences!

The first smoking experience
The first impression is very smooth. It is as this pipe had become smoked many times
before. Crisp and mellow smokes from the beginning. When arriving to the bottom third
I am scared as the briar is becoming very hot from the outer, thinner side of the
bowl. I must lay the pipe aside and let it cool down. After a while I relight it
and very soon the hotness returns to the outer bottom area of bowl.
This continues perhaps three times and the tobacco is all burnt to light grey ashes.
I sincerely hope I can save this pipe smoking it extremely slow when at the bottom third.

Wiley from the U.S.A.

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Created Jan. 25. 2000