"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Hardcastle, a pipe with roots

Hardcastle's stamp

This nice little pipe I got from the eBay's pipe
department at a modest $ 27,50 plus shipping.

According to John Loring's excellent Dunhill monograph, Hardcastle was an
independent brand begun in 1908, and was bought by Dunhill's in 1946. In
1967, Hardcastle was merged with Parker, to become Parker-Hardcastle, Ltd.
Loring suspects that after 1967, Dunhill and Parker "seconds" were marketed
with the Hardcastle brand. So, was this pipe made between 1908 and 1967, or
was it made post 1967? Loring states that, in the absence of sales receipts,
or other items of provenance, Hardcastles cannot be accurately dated.
I'd suspect this pipe is made after 1967, but this doesn't weaken a bit its
smoking characteristics, which are very good!

Hardcastle's Straight Grain
A smooth Hardcastle's "Straight Grain". This pipe is
easy to classify as an Rhodesian looking at its
bowl and "diamond"-shank

Hardcastle from right
"Straight Grain" from right. The Rhodesian shape is
perhaps better shown in this photo than in the preceding

The only defect in this pipe is that the smoke hole is too
too high from the bottom of tobacco chamber. It passes the
cleaner test without trouble, but the bottom cake is im-
possible to create. This does not mean a catastrophy, as
the puffs seem extraordinary mellow!

I would say that this pipe was an extraordinary good buy!

Dunhill, London, England

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Created October, 5. 1999