"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

An affordable pipe from Denmark, G. Jensen

A well balanced Prince "Smaragd" from 20, February, 2001

G.Jensen logo on stem
Georg Jensen logo on stem
I bought my first Georg Jensen from Dan Pipe and received it 21. of February, 2001. It is a smooth Prince, oddly enough my first of this beautiful shape named after the Prince of Wales, who preferred Princes. This pipe was very affordable with only DEM 98! Of course I did not expect much, but to make the shipping costs relatively a tad cheaper I added this pipe in my order, which consisted mainly of tobacco, cleaners and such.

The smooth Prince from left
Smooth GJ Prince from left, nice grain isn't it!

GJ Prince from right
Not too bad grain on this side either

Of course I was positively surprised when opening the box and finding this very nicely stained and good looking pipe. Its grain pattern is better than in many pipes costing triple it price. The vertical grain pattern is clear and the staining method cleverly makes it well discernible. Even a thorough study using my Zeiss magnifying glass did not uncover any fills, only two minor sandpits, almost impossible to see with bare eyes. Wow, this is a great bargain!
Of course, bought from the German Dan Pipe, it is bored to be used with those 9mm filters. This does not mean anything to me as I know these pipes can be smoked as well without filters.

First smoking experineces
All the more surprised I was when smoking "Skipper's Flake" (DTM) in the Prince. The tobacco chamber is precarbonized, but despite of it this pipe smokes like a miracle: very smooth and mellow puffs and absolutely no gurgling at all! Perhaps I was just lucky, I do not know as I this is the only G.Jensen I have smoked, but this pipe must be one of my best pipes thinking of its quality/price relationship.

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Created 21. February 2001