"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Croci from Mantova, Italy

At the end of March, 1999 I became familiar to still one Italian
master, Croci. This pipe is a medium sized or perhaps even smaller
than medium, a smooth half bent freehand based on the classic
Dublin shape. It is a beautiful "fiammata", i.e. straight grained
briar, marked as "True" by Croci, which means in his categorization
at least a middle classed pipe.

Mike Glukler, the dealer of Croci in West Canada

Mr. Glukler's words about Croci

Croci from right
Beautifully grained Croci freehand

Croci from left
Freehand based on Dublin from left

Croci from above
The freehand shape is clear from above

New Crocis, May 14th, 1999

I got two new Crocis from Italy. My friend Maurizio Goldoni sent a nice
looking "Amica" and a "PC" grade pipes, a little bent, perhaps "apple" and
"pot" shaped, medium sized or slightly smaller beauties from Mantova.
I'll give another of these to my friend Tapio. It will be interesting to
see, which will he pick of these two.
"Amica is a little more expensive than the "Pipa Croci", but they both are
very affordable, about USD 50 only! "Amicas" are a little higher priced
because small faults are somewhat more probable in "PC":s than in
"Amicas". Maurizio succeeded to pick a faultless "PC", about which I am
grateful to him. My warm thanks Maurizio!

Croci Amica
Reddish stained "Amica" from left

Amica from right
The same pipe from right

The brown stained "Pipa Croci" pot/billiard "PC"

Same pipe from left, a real Italian beauty!

Radice, a classic from Italy

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Created March.23.99, Updated May 17th, 1999