"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Comoy, an old Pipe from England with roots in France

Comoy's logo and hallmark
I have yet to study the hallmarks in
order to get this pipe better dated

On his great site Greg Pease writes about Comoy's history:
The Comoy pipe is historically significant. François Comoy in
Saint Claude, France originally founded the company Comoy in
in the early 1820's, as a manufacturer of clay pipes. In 1848,
either François or his son, Louis, made the first Bruyére
pipe from the root burl of the indigenous White Heath, Erica
arborea, known today as briar. Henri Comoy, son of Louis, established
Comoy's of London in 1879 where most Comoy pipes have been made
since. Sometime in the 1980s, Comoy was bought or absorbed into
Cadogan Industries, who continue to make the Comoy pipe today.
In the early 50's, the sans serif "COMOY'S" was stamped,
with the apostrophe, and the country of origin stamp changed to "
MADE IN LONDON" in a similar circle, with "ENGLAND"
underneath in a straight line.

According to these quotes from Greg Pease, I would say that my first Comoy
is made sometimes between the early 50's and 1980s, that is, before the Cad-
ogan era. The stamping is exactly like it is supposed to be if it is made at that
time. There are letters "HC" stamped on silver and I do not know their meaning
yet. It is possible to get information about silver hallmarks from WWW, and this
is exactly what I am going to do very soon.

Comoy's smooth, bent Hallmark, January 28.2001

smooth Comoy's Hallmark
A smooth bent "Hallmark" with mostly bird's eye grain

View from top
Its grain pattern is clearly seen from this view

This Comoy is very light-weighted and the only negative point I have noticed in
it is that the stem is a bit loose. This means I have to apply beeswax on it.
The vulcanite stem is also somewhat oxidated and perhaps needs Chlorine bleach.
This pipe has never been smoked. It has had a silent life of decades. Now, at last
time has come to get it in work and do what it once was made for.

I smoked it yesterday and am fully satisfied. It smoked very well considering it
was smoked never before. No gurgling, no excess warming, just mellow puffs from
Haddo's Delight, which is a great new Greg Pease (GLP) blend (thanks Lance!).

Sasieni "Four Dot" Buckingham

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Created February 2. 2001