"Pipe smoking is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life"!

The classic Charatan from London

Charatan is a highly valued brand among pipes. Especially the older
Charatans are excellent smokers. Unfortunately their quality has dropped
somewhat lately. This is true not only with Charatans but as well with
other famous old makers.

A big Freehand Relief Canadian
The huge Canadian "Freehand Relief" from eBay

I bought this "Relief Freehand" Canadian from eBay with $50 at the end of
June, 2000. It was rather filthy, but after a tedious cleaning process I
filled its bowl 1/3 with G,H&Co's "Brown Flake" and enjoyed greatly!
This pipe turned out to be a good bargain!

Charatan billiard
A classic smooth Billiard, Charatan's Make

This is a billiard in the middle class among Charatans. However, even
this one is breathing quality with its oval shank. It is a Charatan
Special from the Lane era.

Charatan Special
A rather small but thick walled pot Charatan
Special from the 60s. Absolutely among my
best fishing pipes!

Charatan teksti
Lane, U.S.A. imported pipes
placing an "L" inside a ring
in the shank. This can be
seen in the lower left
corner of the photo

Charatan ylh.
Charatan Special from the top. The thickness
of briar is clearly seen.

Les Wood aka Ferndown

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Updated July 3rd, 2000