"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Claudio Cavicchi, another pipe artisan from Bologna, Italy

Cavicchi symbol
Cavicchi symbol
Cavicchi puts this symbol in the stems of his pipes. An inlaid round piece of briar overlapping with a white, slightly bigger circle. Based on just one example he makes great job, this is an excellently finished pipe with all the technical details "comme il faut".
Clive Humm added Cavicchi in his assortment of pipes and naturally I could not but buy this beaty which I reveived July 13th 1999. As you can see from the photos below, this is a full bent billiard with a rather thick silver ferrule or mounting. Cavicchi marks his pipes with "C":s. This pipe has two C:s out of the maximum four. The grain is very beautiful especially on the right side, the bottom of bowl being great bird's eye, "occhio di perniche" in Italian.

My first Cavicchi, a smooth bent billiard with a silver mount

Bent Cavicchi from right
Bent Cavicchi billiard from its better right side
Clive writes:"Claudio Cavicchi is a farmer. But for the last twenty years he has been making pipes in his spare time. This means that supply is very limited - but the quality is so good that his pipes are one of the most sought-after brands in the world. I am very pleased, therefore, to be able to offer this selection of these wonderful pipes."
As you can see, Clive does not exaggerate a bit, this pipe is just wonderful!
Cavicchi from left
Silver mount Cavicchi from left
The grain is very nice especially on the right side pictured in the photo above, but not awfully bad on the left side either as seen in the photo next to the left.

I have search the briar with a magnifying glass and could find only two almost microscopically small black sandpits. I wonder which kind is the briar in Claudio's "CCCC" graded pipes.

The tobacco chamber is pure white as I prefer them to be. Most often
the precarbonising adds an odd taste to the first bowlfuls. I think a slight
briary aroma is better than taste from some strange liquid, the recipé of which
is normally a secret.

I was so eager to get this page written that I have not yet filled the pipe, but when
it is done I will add my impression here!

The pipe is a GREAT smoker! It has become as one of my favourites, so it is not
surprising that I have now (July 19, 2000) bought another Cavicchi from Clive Humm:

My second Cavicchi, a slightly bent Pot/Billiard with one "C"

Slightly bent Pot/Billiard from the left
A nice, slightly bent smooth Pot/Billiard

Pot from right
The smooth Pot from right

Cavicchi Pot from the top
The pipe from top, no precarbonization!

Clive had this pipe on his site and as it has had two small scractches, he made a friendly
gesture and lowered its price somewhat. As the scratches are almost unremarkable and will
disappear when buffed, I am very happy with this pipe, not only because it is very well made,
but also because I needed a medium sized pipe for my Virginia Flakes such as "The Brown
Flake" from Gawith, Hoggarth&Co.
Although this only a "One C" pipe, I think it has a rather nice looking grain.

I'll write about its smoking characteristics later. From what I can see, I anticipate
having bought a good smoker, but time will show it!

An old Sasieni "John Bull" from England

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created July 13th, 1999, updated July 19th, 2000