"To smoke pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Castello, two masterpieces by Carlo Scotti from Cantu, Italy

certificate of originality
Certificate of originality
If one is lucky he may get a certificate of originality seen in the left.

Carlo Scotti died at the age of 86 in October 1988. Thus ten years has passed from it today (Nov, 24.98). Despite of this his signature is still used to certify the fact that the pipe in question is hand made in Cantu, Italy. The signature goes diagonally above the bottom part of the 4,5 cm x 6,5 cm piece of cardboard.
Likewise is this very signature stamped on the shank of my first acquired Castello from the valued "Collection" series, which is introduced later at this page.

Old Antiquari from left
Massive 3/4 bent Old Antiquari "pot"
The second (24.11.98) of my three Castellos is from the shallowly sandblasted "Old Antiquari" series. The cheapest Csatellos are carved pipes. From the low end they are: "Sea Rock", "Old Sea Rock" and "Natural Vergin" (Sea Rock). The only sandblasted series is "Old Antiquari", which are only 10% of the total Castello pipe production.
Old Antiquari from right
The same pipe from the right.
What a spectacular grain pattern!
These Old Antiquaris are also produced "light tan" apart from the "medium rust" coloured brown of this pipe.
This bent pipe is a "KKKK", which refers to size, when the pipe in question is carved or blasted. With smooth Castellos, the greater the number of "K":s, the better the grain.
Old Antiquari from above
Finally Old Antiquari seen from above
one notices the thickness of briar
On the pouch is seen inside the castle logo of Castello number 50, which refers according to the obscure dating system of Castello to the year of make, 1997.

My first (Oct. 20. 98) Castello acquisition is a "fatta al mano", i.e. "hand made "KKKK Castello "Collection" birdseye grained pipe. This pipe could perhaps be called a Lovat , as its bowl is of billiard type and its shank is oval and relatively long even if its bit is tapered and not "saddle". The shank reminds also that of a Zulu, so this slightly bent pipe is hard to categorize. But who cares about categorizations, the main thing is that I have managed to get this wonderful pipe thanks to an Italian net friend, who cordially told me about the possibility to get this rare "KKKK" Collection pipe with magnificent grain at a reasonable price! I do not want to mention the name of this friendly guy lest his mail box start flooding with requests to buy this and that!

The smoking characteristics of the pipe are excellent. It did not get hot at all. I can happily state: What a magnificent pipe! Everything burns nicely to dry, white ashes (first bowl "Plantation Evening" by C&D). Smooth and mellow puffs and no gurgling even though all the cake was scraped away from the walls of tobacco chamber. It seems this pipe has been made in 1995 as there is a "48" written on the shank. According to Robert C. Hamlin Scotti started to use his "year dating system" in 1987, that very year receiving the marking "40".

Castello in its box
I got this "4K Collection" in its original box
together with a suede pouch and a certificate
of authenticity.

Collection from left
Castello viewed from the left. Unfortunately
the birdseye grain is not clearly distinguished
in this small photo.

A right view from Castello

Collection from above
"A thoroughly cleaned pipe, the cake being
totally removed.

Castello markings
Text markings, from which one can barely
see the "KKKK" inside an oval on the left
andto the right the signature of Carlo Scotti.
Above is the castle logo with "48", the year
of manufacturing, i.e. 1995

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