"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Don Carlos, beautiful creations by Bruto Sordini, Cagli, Italy (p. 1.)

Look here to see my new smooth Freeform Don Carlos!

Don Carlos 2 note
Excellently finished Don Carlos plateau top
The other side of Don Carlos

One among my newer pipes is a hand made, "lavorata a mano"
plateaux-top by Bruto Sordini, quite near the Dublin shape. It is
excellent and very beautiful handicraft. I bought it via the net from the
shopof a British gentleman Clive Humm

Read what Clive writes about Bruto and his Don Carlos pipes

I have puffed only one half bowl with this pipe. It is
brand new as I got it today (the first of September 1998).
All I can say is: This is a suberb pipe! Everything
was burnt to dry ashes and the puffs were so mellow!
I congratulate myself because of this pipe.

Two months later: Now that some cake has built in the tobacco
chamber I can say the the slight hotness at the bottom of the bowl
has faded and this pipe is now a miraculous puffer. If only I could
resist my temptation to pick it before its turn comes in the

Carlos from above
Plateau top is clearly seen here, as well as
the oval shape of the shank, it is thinner from
this angle than in side wiew

two notes logo
"Two notes, a closeup"

A new "two note" Don Carlos Poker (Jan. 28. 99)

This pipe is a "sitter" by Bruto Sordini, lighter tanned than my first
Don Carlos above. It is a light weighted yet sturdy pipe with great
first puffs today! This may be even greater smoker than my first DC!
The grain is tight, cross-grain with some birds-eyes. I like it!

DC Poker
Smooth Don Carlos Poker from the left

DC Poker from right
The two note Carlos from the right

More Don Carlos pipes, p.2

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Updated July 14th, 1999