"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Caminetto from Cucciago, Italy: "La Pipa del baffo"

A sandblasted Caminetto brandyglass, December 2001

Caminetto logo, del baffo
C's logo

Caminetto from left
Gorgeous Caminetto from the left

This pipe is my first from Caminetto. I got it as a gift from a friend, for whom
I feel deeply grateful about this beautiful pipe, which he bought used but well
cleaned from an Italian net tobacconist.
It weighs 54 grams, which is not much thinking its size and quantity of briar.

Caminetto from right
Sandblasted brandyglass from right

On the right side of shank is "Caminetto" in script and under it: "6.07". I am not
familiar with the latter number code. Besides, the period is at the middle of the
base line, that is, positioned not like a common period at the end of a sentence.
The silver ferrule is nicely engraved and the pipe is in mint condition. Its geo-
metry is perfect and its bit is well designed and very comfortable. This is a very
interesting new acquaintance. I wonder it is my first Caminetto!
The famous Roberto Ascorti makes Caminettos in Cucciago, Italy. This pipe is not
for a long going to remain my only creation of Ascorti! First smoking experineces
The cake was all bored away, but despite of this it smoked smoothly right from the first
puffs. I got the full pleasure from G,H&Co's "Brown Flake", wow!

Loewe & Co, London

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Created 25. December 2001