"To smoke a pipe is not to be considered a vice, it is art and a way of life!"

Brebbia, often underestimated, but very good smokers from Italy

My newest Brebbia , a freeform Volcano from October 2000

Brebbia Volcano from left
A big, smooth Volcano, "Pura, Linea A, AA" from left"

This pipe, the lines of which look to me very beatiful, I got from Keokuk, IA. I was
lucky enough to become the high bidder with USD 75. I think Brebbia is one of the most
underestimated pipes in the world! They are excellent smokers and very carefully made.
This Volcano is a good example of the sense of style the pipe masters in Brebbia have.

Volcano from right
Straight grain also on the right side

Some of the stamps on the shank. The "AA" stamp was so small I left it out

Volcano from above
This is how it looks seen from above

Unfortunately this pipe was not clened from inside, so that I had to use about 20
cleaners and Q-tips soaked in the Dan Pipe cleaning liquid before its mortise started
to look like I wanted.

My second Brebbia, a classic sandblasted Billiard

Brebbia from right
Sandblasted Billiard from Bargen Championship 1997

This pipe came to me from Tarek Manadily, Switzerland. I was the high bidder on USD 40.
This billiard arrived unsmoked, but it was one of the pipes meant to be used in the Pipe smoking
Championship Tournament in Bargen, Switzerland, 1997. On the bottom of its shank is stamped:

Stamp on bottom of shank
Bargen, 1997 Championship pipe

Brebbia Billiard, viewed from left
The sandblasted Billiard from left

I am perfectly with this pipe despite of its somewhat foul tasting precarbonization because I know
its flavour will dissipate after a couple of bowls. I am smoking my second half filled bowl in right
now, and the side taste is already weaker. BTW, I enjoy this G,H&Co's "Glengarry Flake" perhaps
even more than the "Rum Flake"!

My first Brebbia, a small Bullcap, and an excellent fishing pipe

I bought this small bullcap especially to be used while fishing.
It is a real cutty for a pipe! Its bowl has more width than height.
This type of pipe is called a bullcap. This little Brebbia gives
me astonishgly mellow puffs despite its small size.

Brebbia bullcap
A little bullcap from Brebbia

Brebbia from above
My fishing pipe from above

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Updated Oct. 29. 2000