"To smoke pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life"

A great Italian artisan from Bologna: Alberto Bonfiglioli (page 1.)

The huge Ursus and Le Nuvole
This is the biggest pipe I have seen! One of Alberto's
"Ursus" series together with my smallest pipe, a
"Le Nuvole" from Mauritzio Tombari

On this page you can see some pipes I have by an Italian master, Alberto Bonfiglioli.
If you are interested, it is possible to negotiate and order from Alberto via email
using the email address: tid0826@iperbole.bologna.it

Alberto, or "Ursus" as I started calling him some time ago is a big man, who
does not always feel happy in the heat of Italy. He yearns for the cool climate
of the North instead. Alberto now has also a series of big freehands named
"Ursus". This pipe is an example of this huge, but beautiful line of pipes.
I think the name does a full justice for these pipes.

Ursus Poker Fiammata from right
The great "Naturale Fiammata" Poker from right, my newest
from Alberto Bonfiglioli (Dec. 16th,1999)

Typical plateau-top seen from above
Alberto makes his pipes according to the best old traditions of Italian artisans. He is very careful about drying the ebauchons (briar blocks) long enough. A typical characteristic of his pipes is a relatively short tenon, which makes the cleaning of shank somewhat easier than pipes with normal tenons. I wonder why no other pipe maker has adopted this functional approach of Alberto! I have not yet seen a putty in his pipes. An occasional small sandpit sometimes, but not often. In this price class one hardly can get a better pipe! If you really want a beautiful and well smoking briar you must contact Alberto as soon as possible. You can buy a pipe from him from about USD 90 on.
(I am in no relation to Alberto other as a happy client!)

silver mount
Silver mount, a close-up

A smooth Poker from April 21. 1999:

This pipe is huge, but after the "Ursus" it looks medium sized. Its dimesions are:

	-height of bowl			= 6 cm
	-height of tobacco chamber 	= 5 cm
	-outer diameter of bowl		= 4,5 cm
	-diam. of tobacco chamber 	= 2,3 cm
	-thickness of bowl 		= 1,1 cm
	-length (measured straight) 	= 10,5 cm

Smooth Poker from left
Flame grained Poker "natural" from left

Poker from right        bowl from up.
This shape could as well be called "cherrywood". The other photo shows the
pure white tobacco chamber. One must be determined to fill it for the first time

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