To smoke a pipe is not to be considered as a vice, it is art and a way of life!

Barling Standard Bulldog

I found this used pipe on eBay and placed my bid although this Bulldog was
said to come with some tooth marks on the bit. But as the seller assured it
is well cleaned, actually sanitized and in other respect in a good condition,
what the heck! I was surprised once again to find myself as the winning bidder,
despite of my rather low maximum bid. This is perhaps because especially old
Barlings, the "fossiles" and from the "pretransition" era are highly valued
among the brotherhood of pipe smokers.

This classic Barling Bulldog is almost identical with my Parker "Bruyere",
which I acquired a couple of days earlier unsmoked. The Parker has only has a
decoration ring of briar around its stem, which also is a little longer, but
the shape of bowl and shank of these pipes are like identical twins!

Barling bulldog
Classic "Standard" Bulldog from Barling

Barling from top
Top view of the Barling Standard

I got it after returning from hike in Lapland in August and immediately filled
it with Escudo. Wow, what great puffs! The smoke channel seems a little wider
than with most other pipes and it had very good draw. I like it.
It has numbers "4599" stamped on the shank. If someone should know anything
about the Barling code system, please connect me!

Barling Londoner, arriving shortly

I like this pipe even as much as to get an other Barling from eBay. I have not
got it yet, but it is a Peterson-like smooth, bent pipe with the typical joint
of Peterson. It is described as a Barling "Londoner" and it is unsmoked. Neither
is this one an old Barling, but I hope it is as good a smoker as this Bulldog.
I took the liberty to use the seller's photo, which I have edited somewhat.
On this photo you can notice the logo of Barling, which reminds that of
"Bayer", you know, the aspirin manufacturer. ;)

My coming Barling
My coming Barling from eBay


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August 21st, 2000