My dogs - Saagelin Urður

From the U-litter I owned a red medium haired bitch called Saagelin Urður, "Siru" (b.28.2.2005, C-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees, heart OK and healthy eyes). Siru lives in Koskenkorva in Ginfaxi's kennel. Siru has been showed a few times, her best result is Certificate and BOS. Her results can be found from the end of this page. Heidi Hautala takes care of Siru. Siru got "No ability" in the herding ability test in summer 2007. Siru got her first litter on 21st of December 2008 with Vuoreksen Zimba. Four girls and a boy were born in Ginfaxi's kennel. I own Ginfaxi's Saedis from Siru's litter, she lives in Hyvinkää.

Siru 3 years old.

Ishundur´s Huni
Father Ishundur´s Huni DK16181/00 B
Mother BH INT, FIN, N & S CH Una FIN14189/01 B

Siru´s pedigree
DK15745/97 B1
Micha´s Bjarni
DK08236/89 B1
DK35888/84 A2
Geitir Silki-Sif
DK19640/85 C2
DK13878/94 A2
DK20232/85 A2
DK19911/90 B1
Surtsey´s Anvaka
DK14985/96 B2
Skovridergaardens Landi
DK07814/93 B1
Landi Mestur
DK26316/89 B1
Skovridergaardens Kola
DK19033/88 A2
DK24712/93 B1
Surtsey´s Obbi
DK10747/90 B2
DK15528/91 B1
Týr frá Húsatóftum
IS3035/94 HD:fri
Putti frá Kolsholti
IKK1862/89 HD-free
IS3933/96 A
Spori frá Kolsholti
IKK2338/91 HD-free
Vaskur frá Olafsvöllum

Siru´s show results:
(and the judgements, which are in English)

  • Kuopio special show 1.8.2008, judge Eli-Marie Klepp (Norway) Open class VERY GOOD
    Good type and proportions. Ok head. Long elegand neck. Carrying a little bit too much weight. Wide withers falling in the topline. Could have better tailset and angulation behind. French in front. Unbalanced in movement coming and going.

  • Jyväskylä 20.4.2008, judge Ralf Campbell (Norway) Open class SUFFICIENT

  • Tampere 15.3.2008, judge Jens Ramsing (Denmark) Open class VERY GOOD 4th place
    Harmonic and well built female with a good head. Correct bite. Dark brown eyes and good earset. A little straight by the rear. Tail a little low and not quite correct carried. A little soft by the topline. Free and paralled in the movement. Good temperament.

  • Jyväskylä 18.11.2007, judge Soile Bister Open class GOOD

  • Oulu 6.10.2007, judge Tino Pehar (Croatia) Open class VERY GOOD
    2,5 years. Very good size. Typical head. Could have stronger back. Correct tail carriage. Good angulations in front. Slightly open in back. In movement could be better in elbows.

  • Äetsä 8.9.2007, judge Rony Doedijns (Holland) Open class VERY GOOD
    Correct size. Fair proportions. Nice head with correct muzzle, stop, skull. Lovely eye - very dark & correct in shape. Ears are a bit deepset & are of bigger size. Needs stronger topline. Is turning out in front. Sufficient angulation in front & rear. Nice coat quality & color. Needs better movement - more drive in rear action. Nice temperament & presentation.

  • Järvenpää, special show 21.7.2007, judge Tuula Savolainen (Finland), Open class Sufficient

  • Kokkola 15.7.2007, judge Zidy Münsterhielm-Ehnberg (Finland), Open class VERY GOOD

  • Tuuri 3.6.2007, judge Eija Lehtimäki (Finland), Open class VERY GOOD

  • Honkajoki 6.5.2007, judge Per Svarstad (Sweden), Open class VERY GOOD

  • Ruovesi 9.4.2007, judge Anneli Sutela (Finland), Open class VERY GOOD

  • Alajärvi 1.4.2007, judge Tuula Pratt (Finland), Open class VERY GOOD

  • Seinäjoki 5.11.2006, judge Stefan Sinko (Slovenia), Youngster class VERY GOOD
    2 years old. Nice type. Very nice head. Bite with one broken incisivi. Topline should be stronger. Tail carriage should be better. Good angulation in the quarters. Moves well.

  • Oulu 7.10.2006, judge Blaz Kavcic (Slovenia), Youngster class GOOD
    Good size. Not very strong in type. Smaller head. Bigger ears. Compact neck. Unstabile topline. Too long loin. Tail set low, not carried correctly. Too short and unparallel front legs. Unbalanced movement.

  • Kihniö 16.9.2006, judge Leila Kärkäs (Finland), Youngster class GOOD

  • Nokia, Special show 15.7.2006, judge Rodi Hübenthal (Sweden), Junior class GOOD

  • Jurva 8.7.2006, judge Antti Aarnio (Finland), Junior class GOOD

  • Tuuri 17.6.2006, judge Pekka Teini (Finland), Junior class GOOD

  • Pori 6.5.2006, judge Marija Kavcic (Slovenia), Junior class VERY GOOD
    1 years old. Strong head, correct dentition. Excellent eyes. Very big ears. Well developed body. Soft topline. Strong bones, but not yet strong muscles. Double dewclaws. Good movement. Nice coat. Too short upperlips. Good temperament.

  • Vaasa 30.4.2006, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland), Junior class GOOD

  • Kauhajoki 14.1.2006, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland), Junior class EXCELLENT, Best bitch 1, CERTIFICATE, BOS

  • Helsinki 18.12.2005, judge Saija Juutilainen (Finland), Junior class GOOD

  • Helsinki 17.12.2005, judge Tapio Eerola (Finland), Junior class GOOD

  • Jyväskylä 19.11.2005, judge Wera Hübenthal (Sweden), Puppy class 1

  • Seinäjoki 23.10.2005, judge Sigridur Pétursdóttir (Iceland), Puppy class 1
    Feminine bitch. Could like better topline and better tailcarriage. Nice colour. Good coat. Very good double claws behind.

  • Seinäjoki 22.10.2005, judge Leif-Herman Wilberg (Norway), Puppy class 1