The dogs I´ve bred

Saagelin puppies leave to their new homes approximately at the age of 8 weeks. Before that they are registrated in the Finnish Kennel Club (part of FCI), micro-chipped, dewormed and used to the collar and handling. With your puppy you get detailed information about how to take care and how to give basic training to him/her. You will also get information about the puppy´s feeding and dog food for a few weeks forward. Of course, you can always contact me about all kinds of things related to your new family member.

All the dogs I have bred will be x-rayed from hips, so that it is possible to see the results of the breeding and in that way leave the sick lines out.

If you train your Saagelin dog to a champion (service dog, obedience or agility champion) you will get your next puppy for free. I hope that this motivates my puppy buyers to train their dogs and compete with them, even though it is not the most important thing between the dog and its' owner.

Saagelin Ástsael, Ásjóna and Ársól 5 weeks

Saagelin Á-litter
bitches: Ársól, Ásjóna and Ástsael

Mother: FIN CH Ullälvas Svertla A
Father: FIN CH Tunturiketun Arni-Pétur C

Hallveig, Hagall, Höttur, Hnotti and Hrafndís 7 weeks
Saagelin H-litter
bitches: Hallveig and Hrafndís
males: Hagall, Hnotti and Höttur

Mother: FIN CH Ullälvas Svertla A
Father: S & N CH Bjartmars Hrönn H

Gleymmérei, Gefja, Glóey, Gandálfur and Grímaldur 3 weeks
Saagelin G-litter
bitches: Gefja, Gleymmérei and Glóey
males: Gandálfur and Grímaldur

Mother: Saagelin Hrafndís A
Father: Tunturiketun Golur Godason B

Frekjur, Föstólfur, Frekna, Fađmur Spori, Flegđa Fóa and Frosti 5 weeks
Saagelin F-litter
bitches: Flegđa Fóa and Frekna
males: Fađmur Spori, Frekjur, Frosti and Föstólfur

Mother: Sindra-Katla A
Father: FIN CH Menjarinn Fimi B

Módar, Mýlnir and Mysa 4 weeks
Saagelin M-litter
bitch: Mysa Kötludóttir
males: Módar Kötluson and Mýlnir Kötluson

Mother: Sindra-Katla A
Father: FIN CH Rekikelin Mattur A

Unađur, Urđur, Urđarmáni, Ulfarinn and Úlfynja 5,5 weeks
Saagelin U-litter
bitches: Úlfynja and Urđur
males: Ulfarinn, Unađur and Urđarmáni

Mother: BH INT, FIN, N & S CH Una B
Father: Ishundur´s Huni B

Náttrún, Nör Nidhöttur, Naskur Njósnari and Náttstjarna 5 weeks
Saagelin N-litter
bitches: Náttstjarna and Náttrún
males: Naskur Njósnari and Nör Nidhöttur

Mother: BH INT, FIN, N & S CH Una B
Father: Saagelin Módar Kötluson