I have found many homepages that have seemed kind of impersonal, because they don't give their readers much information about the breeder who is behind it all. This is why you can read something about me from this page. If you recognize me somewhere, feel free to say hello!

I got my certificate of marticulation (or higher school certificate) in spring 2000, when I was 18 years old. Even though I was so young, I was considered to be grown-up enough to be elected to the Finnish Icelandic sheepdog association's committee when I had been 18 for only two days. I also belong to the Icelandic sheepdog breeding committee.

Alina just got 
her certificate of marticulation from music school.
Music has been a part of my life since I started to play the violin when I was six years old. I didn't like the squeaky sound of my violin much, so I started to play the piano instead. Piano sounded much better, so I still play it. I was in a music class from third class till ninth (and last) class of elementary school.

I still wonder how I got the certificate of graduation from music school, because I never practised very much. This paper was given to me in Spring 1999. I suffer from an awful stage fright when I have to play in front of an audience. To get the certificate, I had to perform many times in different places and three times in front of a committee, which evaluated my performance and skills. So you can imagine that Ive never been as happy as I was, when I held the paper in my hands.

I have ridden for a few years in a riding school and many times in different places from trotter stables to Iceland. I got my collarbone broken when I fell down from a warmblood trotter. That taught me to think twice before riding every strange horse (I'm not that good a rider...).

Amalia - 
a golden hamster
Before I got a dog of my own I took our neighbours dogs for walks and worked as a trained dogsitter. I have had a golden hamster and three miniature hamsters (one Dzungarian and two Roborowskies). I have also bred some gerbil litters.

I like nature and animals very much and for a long time I was sure that I would become a vet. But, because there is quite a lot of allergy in my parents families, I thought it would be better to do something that doesn't involve handling animals so closely. I made up my mind and decided to be a teacher of biology. I read biochemistry for one year at the Oulu University and got in to the department of biology in summer 2002. Im specialized in genetics, which is very useful in dog breeding. I graduated in June 2008. My Master's thesis is handling the MHC-genes of Finnish wolf and Icelandic sheepdog populations. The research work turned out to be so interesting that I continued to Doctoral studies.